Learning to care for your curls is not a process that happens overnight.


While jumping in head first is tempting, it can increase your chances of giving up.Trying to learn all of these things can become incredibly overwhelming and frustrating when you are new to the curl community, but having healthy and happy hair at the end will make the whole fight worth it.

When I began my naturally curly journey, my hair was stringy and frizzy with no discernable curl pattern whatsoever.

I didn’t feel confident wearing my hair down, but desired curly hair, so I never used a straightener. Because of this, I hated my hair and most of the time I just wore it up. Little did I know, that just with a little work and research, I had wonderful waves just waiting to come out.

There were many bumps in the road as I learned what worked and what didn’t, and many times that I thought my hair was getting worse than it had previously been.

Learning to deal with the build-up I was experiencing, moisturizing products that were only weighing down my hair and what combination of styling products to get my hair to work felt like a full time job. Many times after styling my hair and having it turn out terribly made me want to give up on my quest for healthy hair.

Remember when working through all of your obstacles: go at your own pace.

You may not be able to start doing every piece of a brand new routine right away. Give your hair time to adjust and listen to your own hair more than anything else. While jumping in head first is tempting, it can make your chances of giving up increase. Once I began to back off and slowly add in new products just one at a time, I started to find small successes in my routine and began to feel more confident.

When working with your natural texture, start looking at the long term health of your hair rather than your temporary “bad hair days”.

They will come and go–even when you have an absolute solid routine and healthy hair. Find peace in having bun days and know that it is a part of the journey that everyone goes through, you are certainly not alone. While it is not always easy, embracing your natural hair can help give you confidence and in the end make your styling routine quicker and easier than ever before.

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