Why do people steal?

This has been a burning question for psychologists, criminal law enforcers, and parents of kids with sticky fingers for innumerable years. Most of us don't have to deal with untrustworthy associates and family members.

Some others of us do, and let me tell ya... it's a pain in the I'm not going to say where, but you know exactly where the pain lives.

In any event, we've collaborated with our good friends at Twisted Sista to come up with several solutions to this ages long dilemma. We hope it helps!

4 Solutions that STOP Sticky Fingers McGee Roomies

1 - Talk about the importance of your hair products.

Aside from Twisted Sista Intensive Leave-In Conditioner being one of the most nourishing natural hair products on the market, it's your beloved frizz-fighting, parabens-free go-to for detangling and heat protection. Obviously, you don't want anyone's hands all over it.

That's why you need to tell your roommate, "Hey, girl! If you're going to use my leave-in, or any other of my hair products, you need to either chip in to pay for them or don't use them at all."

Surely, you can say this in a nicer way... but seriously! Don't steal my Twisted Sista!

PRO TIP: Communicate your concerns with your roommate over dinner or a a few drinks. If you're both in a chill mood, most likely the conversation will flow with ease.

2 - Clothes are for wearing, sometimes sharing, but never stealing.

Stealing is never a good idea. Looks like your roommate never received the memo, huh?

That's simply not okay.

It's about time you take matters into your own hands. See the pro tip below for details.

PRO TIP: If your favorite top is being lifted on a regular basis by your roommate, collect it as soon as you can and hide it along with the a boobytrap! That's right. Fold your favorite top, place it in your clothes drawer, and sprinkle plastic insects and miniature snakes all over. Oversized plastic spiders are a nice touch, as well. Let's see if your beloved top gets lifted again [insert maniacal laughter here]!

3 - Just say "No" to stealing food.

You've labeled every single one of your food items in the refrigerator. All bags of chips have been double and tripled clamped. You even have your own stash of chocolate chip cookies stored underneath your bed.

Somehow, your roommate always seems to get her grubby little hands on your food items.

Read the following pro tip to learn how to keep your food to yourself.

PRO TIP: Obviously, you need to talk to your roommate about her behavior. If she doesn't stop, purchase a locking mini-fridge so that you, and only you, can have access to your delicious food stuffs!

4 - Cleanliness should never involve laundry detergent theft.

That's right, my friend. Cleanliness is the primary focus on laundry day, but when your thieving roommate leaves you with a quarter of liquid detergent to clean your four loads of clothing... you've got a big problem!

You need to stop your laundry detergent stealing roomie as soon as possible, especially if she's not replacing the detergent in a timely manner. You can do this by having a candid convo with her or you can prank her into submission.

Can you tell that I'm all about pranks for the greater good?

PRO TIP: The next time that you purchase your laundry detergent, add a liquid-holding container to your items (e.g., a plastic pouring pitcher or carafe). When you're home, pour the detergent into the container and place it in an inconspicuous place in your room. Replace the laundry detergent with good old fashion H2O. Got dry detergent? No problem-Replace it with sand, gravel, or kitty litter! That'll teach Ms. What's Yours Is Mine to think twice about stealing your soap!

Watch the 4 Things EVERY Roommate Steals video to relate.

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How will you stop your roommate from stealing your clothes, food, or Twisted Sista leave-in conditioner?

Share your solutions (and your pranks) in the comments section below.

As ever, stay curly!