Our Instagram timelines are often filled with beautiful curls, but are they filled with beautiful artwork made by our gorgeous curlfriends? These artists are definitely worth checking out and would even give you some inspiration. Get ready to hit the follow bottom!

Stella Blu

Stella Blu’s watercolor portrait paintings are super detailed with a settled color palette. In her portraits, her eyes portray a lot of emotion. Her watercolor paintings are definitely an eye catcher and are worth checking out. Her beautiful artwork has been worn by Prince and featured on Jimmy Fallon.

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Lauren Muller

Lauren Muller’s abstract paintings reflect a lot of emotion and her color palettes are in sync with the emotion as well. The human body is often the subject of her paintings. She also has a unique way of incorporating design in her artwork. Her big curls also make her stand out.

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Keturah Ariel

Ariel has created some popular natural hair paintings, including the Natural Hair Evolution. She has also created some images for NaturallyCurly. Her bright colors and use of lines definitely make her artwork unique. She also has artwork that features children.

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Nicole Updegraff

Nicole Updegraff’s illustrations reflect the personality of the character so well! Her lines and colors are very clean up and make her artwork stand out. Her illustrations of the Black-ish cast are personally my favorite.

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Erin Ogarro

Erin Ogarro’s use of the color and blending is breathtaking! She uses a variety of colors and blends them to make the most eye-catching combinations. If you enjoy portraits and love color artwork, check Erin’s pieces out.

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Ash the Painter

Ash the Painter has a unique style that makes her different. In her paintings, the eyes are usually the first place you look at. Her bold colors are also alluring in her artwork.

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Yagazie’s illustrations will make you laugh, especially because you may be able to relate with her characters. Her illustrations show the many moments of our natural hair journeys. Check her artwork out!

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Sharee Miller

Sharee Miller shares many different illustrations on her Instagram page. Her illustrations feature a variety of curls, which is awesome! Her illustrations also feature children, which I am sure the curly moms definitely appreciate!

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Veronica Miller

Veronica Miller’s illustrations are bright, bold, and sassy! The colors are eye-catching and enjoyable. Veronica is a fashion illustrator, which is definitely reflected in her paintings. The clothing that the characters wear is so cute!

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Who are some of your favorite natural hair artists?