You know what we’re all about here? Samples.

As in racks upon racks of sweet trial products, throwing little test baggies up in the air and making sample-angels, muling pounds of stuff to our loved ones and breaking the handles on our reusable bags kind of all about.

But you know what ELSE we’re into?

Embracing all kinds of textured hair, and getting you the inspiration bump you need.

Our curlfriend Caroline here is rocking some fine-width type 3 curls, and with some heat protection and some of the Coconut Restore line on hand, we’re going to blow her up and out with a style that’s perfect for her slender strands, and simple too!

Check out this Tropical Faux-Hawk Pictorial we created using the entire Coconut Restore line!

Isn’t she gorgeous?

Kind of a Joan Jett/ Tina Turner mashup there, what’s not to love? And speaking of love, let’s talk products!

First step was a cleanse and condition with the Moisture Replenishing Shampoo and Daily Strengthening Conditioner.

This sulfate-free duo features a combo of coconut oil, shea butter, and milk proteins between them that guarantees the goodness gets through the cortex of your hair, but rinses clean without leaving any heaviness behind.

We then moved on to the Curl Control Leave-In Conditioner!

Much like our last step by step star, Julissa, Caroline’s hair only needed a light touch of this leave-in while her hair was still damp. The formula’s not going to be the one to give shape to Caroline’s Type 3 curls though—this is 100% for moisture retention and extra conditioning without the weight of something like a pudding or custard. For shape, we’re turning to this last guy.

Finishing moves were executed with the Styling & Setting Gelee.

This is an alcohol-free moisturizing gel we used to shape our model’s sweet spirals, and help lay her hair flat outside of the banana clips. It’s light, yet strong, and easily re-workable, so Caroline’s hair isn’t going to harden in place, or buckle under pressure.

We’ve got two ladies of different subsets within our main hair types down!

What’s next after long waves and shoulder length curls? You’ll have to follow along four (Get it? Get it?”> the next Coconut Restore Tutorial Installment to see how the line works for coil queens.

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And hey, if you do this ‘do? Don’t hesitate for a moment to let us know! We love the mentions on all channels, so please please please show us what you got!

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