What does your color say about you?

Are you a vibrant, yet wholly mysterious introvert whose silence and Jet Black hair speak louder than words ever can?

Are you a bold, vocal vixen whose intoxicating Darkest Brown curls put onlookers and potential suitors in a heady spell of intrigue and excitement?

Are you a fun-loving, down to earth curly girl whose Dark Warm Brown coils are the highlight of every escapade you journey on?

Or, are you a bright eyed and bushy tailed enthusiasts, whose zeal for a life well lived is as pronounced as your cunning Honey Brown corkscrews?

It's okay if you're unable to settle on just one of these beautiful colors. You may be a little, or a whopping spoonful, of these kaleidoscopic personalities!

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So what happens when that color starts to fade, and your crowning glory needs a little TLC to get back to its regularly stunning shade?

First, you'll need a semi permanent color that is unique to your personality while simultaneously enhancing curls. Even after doing your own online research and consultations with your curl friends, you've been burned by semi-permanent hair dyes that talked a good game but ended up leaving your curls super dry and lackluster. It's the ultimate game of buyer's remorse. You can prevent this awful feeling by getting yourself a bottle of ClairolPro, applying it to your curls, and basking in the glow of gorgeous color!


Your favorite social media queen Evelyn Ngugi recommends that you "have a deep conditioner on hand for after-color care." She explains further, "Deep condition after any permanent chemical dye. Coloring means opening up those hair cuticles—make sure they close back down!"

photo credit: Nk Naturalz


One of the major steps that we've found to be helpful when dyeing hair of looser curl patterns is "using a hot oil or deep conditioning treatment one or two days before your color application can also help to protect your strands and scalp. The idea is to keep as many natural oils in your hair and scalp as possible, to achieve better, more even color."

photo credit: Hortencia Caires Casazola, @stylefeen

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photo credit: Priscilla NYC, @shinestruck

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As ever, stay curly!