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The T3 Source Hand-Held Shower Filter

I have read time and time again that using a shower filter will do great things for the hair and skin. It makes sense--they sell filtered water to drink so why not use it externally too? On my never ending quest to get my best hair possible, in October I finally caved in and bought one. I gave myself ample time to use it so I could provide this thorough review.

I decided to purchase the T3 Source Hand-Held Shower Filter during Sephora’s 20% off sale. It retails for $130-150. What really intrigued me about this specific model was that aside from the filter it has 8 different setting speeds and pressures like my old showerhead did. It is also hand held so if I was just washing my hair and not my whole body I can do so rather easily.

T3's Product Claims

Discover the Pure Water Difference. Chlorine is one of the real culprits behind dry, damaged hair and skin. A survey of public water shows that regular household water can contain nearly as much chlorine as that recommended for swimming pools. By using a patented formula of Tourmaline, precious metals and minerals, T3 Source Shower Filters can remove up to 95% of chlorine from shower water which:

  • Improves hair health and beauty
  • Enhances the color retention and vibrancy of processed hair
  • Helps skin to be less dry, retain more moisture and look healthier
  • Makes skin noticeably softer and smoother

Through a filtration process called “Redox”, T3 Source Shower Filters transform chlorine into harmless elements that are too large to be absorbed by hair and skin. The patented technology is tested and certified by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) who is a US water supply auditor and world health organization member.

T3 Source Shower Filters transform chlorine into harmless elements that are too large to be absorbed by hair and skin.

Average hair health and skin benefits (when compared to tap water)

  • 49% Reduction in Frizz
  • 22% Increase in Body
  • 36% Increase in Comb-ability
  • 31% Increase in Shine
  • By filtering the chlorine from your shower water, your skin may be less dry, may retain more moisture and may look healthier.

Features and benefits

  • Copper, Zinc, Calcium work together to convert and remove chlorine
  • Tourmaline produces negative ions that reduce water cluster size which improves filtration as well as help PH balance the water
  • Anti-scaling, low maintenance spray nozzles resist scale buildup
  • Filter Life 3,000 gallons or 3-4 months (whichever comes first)

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My Review

More than anything else, I wanted the filtered shower head to help preserve my hair color. As a blonde who is majorly prone to brassiness, my hair stylist suggested that the shower water may be a culprit! I have also read that using the shower filter can help preserve the life of my color and after spending the money to get my color looking all nice and pretty, I absolutely want to preserve it!

How much softer and smoother my skin felt! Even with this cold winter I find myself needed less body lotion as usual which is great. Everyone in my house even agreed that their skin has been feeling nicer lately.

Seeing the effects on my hair took a bit longer. I only wash my hair twice a week and I was not expecting miraculous results. It took about a month worth of washing to notice that my hair felt softer and more manageable.  After that I began noticing a little more shine too.

I wasn’t paying attention to my hair color right away, as my hair desperately needed a touch up and was a bit of a mess. About a month and a half in, I went for my color touch up. Since getting my color done and only showering with the T3, my color still looks vibrant weeks later and my blonde does not seem as brassy as it usually is. I still use purple conditioner once a week for good measure but there is still a noticeable difference from pre filtered showerhead.

Frizz wise, so far I haven’t seen a major difference.

Frizz wise, so far I haven’t seen a major difference. However, I notice that my 60+ year old mom, who has genetically dry, frizzy, very slightly wavy hair, has been having her hair look a bit more smoother, shinier and less frizzy lately! I asked her if she was doing anything else different and she hasn’t, so it has to be the shower head.

My final thoughts

Assembly of the shower head was very easy and instructions came with it so that helped tons. Overall, I am very happy with the T3 Source Shower Filter and because of the nice difference in my hair color, softness and shine, I don’t want to shower without it!

Where you can get it

Sephora, Nordstrom, or online at Overstock

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