Sometimes we short-haired naturals wanna fake it until we make it!  This super easy style was done on freshly washed & deep conditioned hair, using Marley braid hair.  Naturals with longer hair can try this style out too!


  • Edge Tamer
  • Gel
  • Brush
  • Rubber Bands/elastic band
  • Marley Braid Hair


  1. Wash & deep condition hair.
  2. Section off front of hair, apply edge tamer, gel, then secure with rubber band (elastic bands are better”>.
  3. Cornrow sides using Marley hair (optional”>.
  4. Part lower section of hair, apply gel and edge tamer, and secure with a band.
  5. Repeat until you have four sections of hair in ponytails or puffs. 
  6. Add your Marley hair to each section.
  7. Style the Marley hair to your liking by securing with bobby pins.

This article was originally published on CurlyNikki by She’Kia Renea.

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