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If you look to your right and your left, you will see the curl community synergistically working together to problem solve. One such endeavor that supports the natural hair movement is the mobile hairstyling service. In major cities, women can now get their hair done by booking their appointment online and a hairstylist will arrive at their front door, hotel room, or wherever. Simultaneously, stylists are getting more exposure, flexibility, and in some cases, more training.  Sounds like a win-win to me. Let’s take a closer look at how this niche market seeks to meet the needs of women just like you. Meet the work of sisters and Co-Founders of Yeluchi, Antonia and Abigail Opiah. Yeluchi is the new at-home hairstyling service that caters to the New York Metropolitan area. The sisters found a select group of women, who like them, wanted more comfort when performing intimate and lengthy hairstyling methods without sacrificing quality. Similarly, the new mobile hair company in Atlanta, Colour, meets their community’s needs in a similar way through providing convenient hair care with the flexibility of the clients’ and stylists’ schedules in mind. Owner  Debra Shigley  describes the company as an invitation-only opportunity for women to push the envelope with their current look, from casual to editorial within the comfort of their own time and space. Now, today’s busy mogul mom can have the work-life balance with glamour!

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Why choose a mobile hairstyling service over salon service

Colour: “Women are happy to choose us for their own convenience and lifestyle for special events or to satisfy their luxury VIP beauty needs as guests traveling through the Atlanta area. Colour allows for the comfort of a client’s own time within their own demanding schedule. This gives them more freedom and flexibility because the stylist will work around their schedule rather than the other way around like the traditional salon model.”

Yeluchi: “Yeluchi comes in handy for women who don't have time to go to a salon. Or when you're doing a lengthy, time-intensive hairstyle like box braids. We started Yeluchi because it was a service we needed ourselves. Sometimes I find it impossible to stop working and pull myself away from the computer. In moments like that, I've thought, wouldn't it be great to have someone doing my hair while I work?

How stylists and clients are kept safe

Colour: “Our invite-only model naturally holds us to a higher standard. However, we take extra precautions through using the 360-degree system to rank the experience by both the stylist and the client. This keeps the individuals safe.  Additionally, we have a community manager who is on call and available if needed. We additionally gather information prior to the appointment to capture facts about pets, allergies, location, etc.”

Yeluchi: “One of the challenges that all the players in the at-home or on-demand industry (e.g. Uber and Airbnb) are dealing with is how to keep both parties involved safe without the use of privacy-invading platforms. We use the industry standard practice of two-way reviews. Much in the same way our clients can send us feedback, our stylists also provide feedback on our clients. We have to respect our client's privacy; we can't perform background checks on our clients the way we can with the stylists we work with. But our stylists also know that if ever they feel unsafe at any point before or during an appointment, they should contact the authorities and leave right away.”

Will beauty standards diminish with an at-home service?

Colour: “On the contrary, many stylists who are referred are from our clients and friends. Therefore, these women have already made a name for themselves in the industry.  However, we have hosted open call auditions, which include technical demonstrations of key styles and services that showcase talent and professionalism. Our clients are looking for the higher-level experience and our stylists are looking to grow, expand, and always stay ahead of the trends. We do regular trainings to enhance our skills and stay sharp for the array of textured hair care and styling needs!”

Yeluchi: “We put the health of our customer's hair first. In building our media platform,, we've heard too many stories of traction alopecia or damaged hair, so we make sure our stylists are not just styling our client's hair but are also thinking about the health of their hair. We're also big on professionalism and our stylists not only being talented, but also having a lot of experience.”

Sounds like they have thought of everything for your benefit! So, will you try this new industry trend for a more comfortable, trusted textured hair care experience? Both Yeluchi and Get Colour are being pressed by clientele to expand in other areas. Perhaps they will come to a location near you. This could very well be the new wave of the textured hair future, and as a stylist or client, this may very well be the answer to your hair care an styling woes!

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