Learning your hair texture is an important part of your naturally curly hair journey. Women typically identify their hair as fine or coarse. But caring for your hair and keeping it healthy means understanding more about it. Once you understand your texture, you will know which styling routines and product combination work best together to enhance your curl pattern to its full potential.

Fine Hair

fine curly hair

These strands of hair are small and narrow which makes hair more fragile and is often a victim of damage and breakage. If you hold your hair to a light and can almost see through it, you have fine hair. Fine hair lacks proteins (hence why there is little to no volume with fine hair), therefore it’s beneficial to apply a protein treatment (every 3-5 weeks) to rebuild and strengthen hair.

Vlogger KreativeAllure has fine 3C curls. Watch her video tutorial for an easy DIY strengthening protein treatment:

Fine curly hair holy grails

The most common type of hair. It possesses a lot of bounce and body.  Since it is not as fragile as fine hair, 'medium' hair can be styled many different ways and usually holds styles well too. Apply hot oil treatments and deep condition regularly--once a week. Vlogger Summer Kellsey has medium, low porosity 3C curls. Watch her beginning to end wash-and-go routine for definition and bounce:

Medium to normal hair holy grails

The hair strands are wider. They look and feel thicker. This type of hair is more difficult to break and almost always appears full and voluminous. Coarse hair can take more time to dry and can also be resistant to permanent coloring treatments. Use products that seal in moisture. Coarse curly hair possesses a lot of protein, so using protein-enriched product is unnecessary.

Vlogger Linda Barry has coarse 4C hair. Watch her routine for definition and moisture:

Coarse hair holy grails

For more help on understanding your hair type ask your stylist. S/he may try a simple “trick” - wrap your hair in a ponytail with an average elastic hair tie. If the elastic only goes around once, you have coarse hair; wrapping 2-3 times gives you medium hair and more than 3 times means you have fine hair.