As a lady living in Chicago, I get the opportunity to experience the cold, freezing air that comes off Lake Michigan for the better part of the year. When I go home to my native state of Texas, I usually switch up my hair regimen to accommodate the blistering heat and crazy humidity the sunshine throws my way. Traveling for anyone can be stressful, but even more when you have curly hair because you must pick and choose what makes the travel cut in the suitcase. We all know what makes the cut depends on where you’re going, so here are a few of my favorites I always take.

Like any Texan lady with curls, the heat not only dries my hair out, but makes my frizzies explode around my forehead. I love my baby hairs as much as the next person, but sweating out product is real in the Texan heat. One of the few products that I can once again scoop out and put in a Ziploc bag without having to compress it down into a bottle or bag is the CURLS Blueberry Bliss Curl Control Paste. This product was made to keep my hairs slick, sleek and not looking like I purposely rubbed my head on a balloon. What’s nice about this product is that it also works perfectly for slicking back a ponytail or making a chic bun. It has a wonderful texture that requires at best a fingertips worth of product that won’t make your hands feel like you dipped them in honey.

When I’m compiling my toiletries I’m always playing the game of what can go, what can stay, and what can I compact into these tiny airplane travel bottles so TSA doesn’t snatch it up? We’ve all had the tears of sadness flow when they take a coveted bottle or jar of your favorite product because it doesn’t meet regulation standards. Sigh. So, I improvise. I NEED nourishment in Texas, and hydration is key so I take a big scoop of the Shea Moisture 100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and scoop it into a giant Ziploc bag. I love that this product is not heavy, oily and can make even my driest curls come back to life. It smells great and unlike other liquid-based products; I can carry it void of a container or bottle. I usually place it in my carry-on so it doesn’t become sludge in my suitcase.


I’m very particular about my leave-in conditioner because as all curly girls know, this is the second-best thing we need at our bedside. What I like about Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Leave-in Conditioner Spray smells like heaven and has a pretty good consistency that moisturizes my ends. It also has a dual action of giving me great shine which is a bonus so I don’t have to bring or pack an oil based product. We all know the less you carry the better. No one wants their entire bathroom taking up their suitcase space.

These are a few of the essentials I pack when going on vacation not only for their versatility, but because they do the job while I’m away from Chicago. While I do use these products in Chicago as well, I don’t use them as frequently because the colder climate requires me to take additional hair care steps to ensure my hair stays hydrated, moisturized and hoping the wind doesn’t tear it apart. A few of my favorites that I use in Chicago are:

Whether you're in cold, windy and dry climates such as Chicago or hot and humid climates such as Texas, these hair products will keep your curls a live and flourishing.

What are your holy grails for every weather condition?

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