hot oil treatment

Grab your favorite oils and get ready to treat your curls, tis' the season for a hot oil treatment. It is smart to change your regimen to suit your climate, and cold weather calls for hot oil.  Whether you are well-acquainted with this method or hot oil is new to you, these tips will give you the most out of your next treatment.

Why do a hot oil treatment?

Hot oil treatments can improve the health of your hair by adding softness, which leads to easier to maintenance and styling. Hot oil treatments can also help treat scalp conditions, when used regularly. We have to take extra care of our curls because they are more fragile during this time of year, as the cold air causes dryness with our hair and skin. 

How to choose your oil

Before you select an oil, you should ask yourself why you are giving your hair a hot oil treatment. Are your curls dry and dull? Are you experiencing breakage and want to prevent split ends? Answering these questions will help determine the best oil for your needs. If you are looking for an oil that will help your curls better retain moisture, then argan oil and olive oil are great options. If you are looking to strengthen your hair, coconut oil can help treat your hair. You can also select oil based on your curl pattern. If you have wavy or Type 2 hair, you should want to try a lightweight oil to prevent your hair from weighing down. If your curls are tighter, you might want to try a heavier oil. Tighter curl patterns are more prone to dryness, as the hair shaft tends to be more open in comparison with looser textures or straight hair.

How to heat the oil

There are various ways to heat the oil, with one option being the microwave. You can pour the desired amount of oil in a microwavable bowl and warm the oil for about 30 seconds. Still not hot enough for you? Try 10-second intervals and check the temperature.

Remember that your scalp is more sensitive than your fingers, so do test drops by applying a small amount on your fingers and placing it on your scalp. Is your oil already in a bottle? You can also heat water in a double boiler pot on the stove and place the bottle in the water. It should not take long for the oil to warm up. If both of these options are not for you, you can apply the oil to your hair and sit under a hooded dryer for 15 min. If you do not have a hooded dryer, you can use a plastic cap covered by a thermal heat wrap.

Watch how Jenell B. Stewart does her hot oil treatments.

What do you use for hot oil treatments?