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[quote cite="" citeurl="" align="aligncenter"]low-level laser light therapy is a fast-growing technology used to treat a multitude of conditions that require stimulation of healing, relief of pain and inflammation, and restoration of function. Although the skin is the organ that is naturally exposed to light more than any other organ, it still responds well to red and near-infrared wavelengths.[/quote]

How does the HairMax LaserComb work?

The HairMax® LaserComb uses low level laser light therapy to reverse hair loss for people with androgenetic alopecia. Androgenetic alopecia causes hair loss of the front, temples and crown areas of the scalp. This type of hair loss is triggered by how sensitive your hair follicles are to androgens, the sex hormone found in male and females responsible for the development of male reproductive system and traits.  It can also be caused by genetics.

Even though the laser comb is designed to reverse hair loss associated with androgenetic alopecia, I have noticed that the low level laser light technology also helps clients who have problems with sore scalp, flaky scalp and retaining hair left over from permanent hair loss.

The HairMax LaserComb uses laser phototherapy to stimulate hair growth, a process similar to photosynthesis which causes the growth of plants. The light from the HairMax LaserComb is supposed to reverse miniaturization.  When your follicles go through miniaturization, terminal hairs, which are thick normal strands of hair, turn to fine peach fuzz hairs.  Laser phototherapy helps extend the follicles hair growth cycle and help increase hair density.

How effective is the treatment?

The treatment is effective depending on the problem you are experiencing. First, you need to seek help from a dermatologist or trichologist who can diagnose and recommend if laser therapy is the right treatment for you.

Who should use the HairMax?

You do not want to spend money purchasing a laser comb if your hair loss or scalp problem is related to a nutritional or medical problem.  In a case like this, your doctor or specialist will order blood work and explain to you the next steps to treat the bodily imbalance, which should help stop the hair loss.

If you have traction alopecia or any other scarring alopecia that causes permanent loss of hair on specific areas on the scalp, I recommend using a laser to reduce the hair loss from growing in size. It is very important to seek medical advice if you notice hair loss because it can be a warning that there is something going on internally that needs the help of a doctor.

In the salon, once my clients have been diagnosed with a scarring alopecia, I recommend the HairMax LaserComb and for them to take orally the amino acid Tyrosine because together they help reverse inflammation of the skin.  This treatment also helps to reduce pain of the scalp as well.  Always talk to your doctor before taking any supplements.

I have noticed, that low level laser therapy helps clients who suffer with flaking of the scalp.  It helps by slowing down skin cells turn over, especially in cases of psoriasis.

How to use it

The HairMax LaserComb works best when you use the teeth of the comb to part your hair so that the light shines directly on the skin where the follicles are affected.

Always use the laser comb on a clean scalp.  Be sure to cleanse your hair at least one to two times a week especially if you are using topical treatments like minoxidil in conjunction with the laser comb.

It is important to be consistent with the use of the laser comb.  For the best results use the laser two to three times a week, in every other day sequence.

If you notice hair growth or other positive changes, it is important that you continue to use the device.  Once you stop using it, your problem could start back again.  You will need to use the laser forever if you notice results.

Is it necessary to use the HairMax LaserComb products with the laser comb?

HairMax LaserComb has products that you can use in conjunction with the laser comb.  They work well for overall scalp health and are not necessary to enhance how the HairMax LaserComb works.  Some clients have used minoxidil and the laser comb for increased hair growth.  The results vary based on the individual so it is best to try using the laser comb alone for six months.  If you are not happy with the results, you can try using minoxidil and the laser comb for more hair growth.

Have you used the HairMax LaserComb before?  What results did you notice?