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Caring for children’s hair can be tough. Trying to find the best practices and products can be a task, especially if your child does not like hair styling sessions. Need to find easier ways to style and manage? Check out the top mommy bloggers that share tips and tricks for children’s hair care.

Jessica Pettway – How to Safely Blow Dry Kids’ Hair

Jessica Pettway is a blogger who writes and vlogs about style, fashion, and beauty. She shows that you can stay fabulous while being a mother. Photos of her adorable daughter are posted all over her Instagram page. Check out her video on how to safely blow-dry your toddler’s natural hair.

Jenell B. Stewart – Detangling Cocktail

Jenell B. Stewart, editor of KinkyCurlyCoilyMe, is a mother of two. She writes about natural hair, beauty, and a healthy lifestyle. She openly shares her journey of motherhood, which is inspiring. Her videos about detangling tools and the recipe of her detangling cocktail will definitely help you the next time you have a wash day with your little one.

Mahogany Knots – Using a Detangling Brush

Mahogany Knots shares many tutorials on natural hair styling. She also shares vlogs that invite us to her personal life and her beautiful family. She shares videos on styling children’s hair. Check out her video tutorial using Felicia Leather’s detangling brush on her daughter.

Yolanda Renee – Overall Hair Care

Yolanda Renee is a mother, blogger, and has an online boutique. She provides us with many videos on natural hair styling. She also shares product reviews and styling tips for children’s hair. Watch this video where she discusses how she cares for her daughters’ hair.

Im Fro Real – Simplifying Detangling Sessions

Krystle Scott is a blogger and mother. She shares not only videos for natural hair care for adults, but also children. A detangling session with a toddler can be difficult, especially since they move around a lot. Check out this video, she shares her process to make it less difficult for you.

Little Mind Catchers – How to Prep for Wash Day

Little Mind Catchers shares videos on natural hair and home schooling. This is definitely for parents about children. Need more help to prepare for that dreaded wash day? Click here to see a video on how they prep for washday.

Discovering Natural – Twist Out Tutorial for Tweens & Teens

Discovering Natural provides natural hair care tips for adults and children. Her channel shares videos on styling including wash and go’s and updos. Have a teenager that is looking for a cool hairstyle? Discovering Natural shares a twist out tutorial that she may love.

Nik Scott – Shampooing Long Hair

Nik Scott is an author and vlogger. She is the author of the children’s book, My Hair is So Happy. If your daughter has a lot of length and you need advice on how to manage it, Nik Scott shares a video on how she shampoos her daughter’s hair.

GirlsLoveYourCurls – Protective Styles

GirlsLoveYourCurls has many videos on different ways to style your curls. Nadine has 3 daughters is teaching them how to love and maintain their natural hair. Her videos are great, especially if you are interested in protective styling. Check out this video of this beautiful Sea Shell French Braid Updo.

I am Traeh – Natural Hair Styles for Kids

Traeh shares many videos on natural hairstyles. She also shares beauty tutorials and videos with her daughter. Does your daughter love Tip from DreamWorks Home? Traeh shows 2 Tip inspired hairstyles.

Brown Girls Hair – How to Flat Iron Kids’ Hair

Check out this mother daughter duo! Brown Girls Hair thoroughly shows hair care regimens, styling videos, and maintenance routines for taking care of children’s hair. Interested in flat ironing your daughter’s hair? Here is a video to demonstrate how to flat iron her hair.

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