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Short hair does not have to be limited to a wash and go. There is versatility at all lengths; you just have to be creative. I love seeing Traeh’s updos in my YouTube subscriptions. She does not allow her texture or length to limit her styles. She recently shared a video on how to create a glamorous faux bun that is fitting for all occasions. A top knot seems simple, but if you live in a humid climate with high dew points, then preventing your hair from frizzing can be challenging. If you reside in areas like Houston, here are tips to achieving a frizz-free donut bun:
  • Start on freshly washed hair. The more saturated your hair is, the more pliable it is for styling.
  • After you have applied your moisturizer or styler, use a pomade to smooth the hair back toward the crown and fasten with a seamless scrunchie.
  • Apply edge control along the hairline. Do not apply this along the length of the hair, as it may be prone to flake when used in excess.
  • Gently smooth the hair with a boar bristle brush.
  • Fasten your ponytail(s) with a satin scarf to encourage flyaways to dry laying flat.
  • Secure a satin scarf along the hairline and sit under a hooded dryer for 1-2 hrs. or 1 hr. and then sleep overnight.
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Watch the tutorial here

What not to do

  • Style the same day- Allowing your hair to set overnight makes it less prone to frizz.
  • Start on dry hair- Granted you could sprits the hair with water before applying a styler, the hair will not lay as smooth.
  • Use gel- You can use gel and people have done it successfully, but many gels are full of humectants that encourage the hair to curl when it encounters humidity. Opt for a pomade with heavy butters.
  • Be reckless with the boar brush- This is a definite way to cause breakage. To be gentle, try using small strokes instead of following through from roots to ends.
  • Sleep on a bonnet- Sleeping with a scarf will prevent frizz. Sleeping with  a bonnet will only create friction and loosen the flyaways. Reserve the bonnets for loose hairstyles not updos.
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How do you get your hair to be smooth when creating updos?