If you’ve been reaping the benefits of a Brazilian blowout, the hair-smoothing treatment that defrizzes your tresses for three months, then you probably want to maintain this gorgeous look for as long as possible. So what are you supposed to do when swimsuit season rolls around?

It’s impractical to avoid swimming pools altogether. That’s why your treatment needs to be maintained before and after you cannonball your way into the deep end. This Brazilian Blowout-sponsored video and post, featuring protective hair care maintenance steps, will help you combat the negative effects of chlorinated pool water and extend the life of your smooth, frizz-free hair.

TIP 1: Condition Before Swimming

The best way to prep your hair is to fortify it with Brazilian Blowout’s Acai Anti-Frizz Conditioner or Acai Deep Conditioning Masque, making sure to thoroughly coat your hair strands. For added value, use Acai Daily Smoothing Serum designed to protect your hair from environmental damage, strengthen your hair cuticles by sealing them with moisture, and ward off ill effects of UVA/UVB rays.

TIP 2: Put Your Hair in a Bun or Easy Protective Style

Combating the drying effects of chlorinated pool water with pre-conditioned natural hair can be taken to another level when you put it in a bun or easy protective style such as two-strand twists or a French braid. For styles that require constricting styling tools, always reach for plastic elastics that are gentle on your natural hair. Now, you’re ready for a swim!

TIP 3: Wear a Hat When You Get Out of the Pool

Protecting your strands from drying swimming pool chemicals doesn’t end once you’re out of the water. Environmental factors can also cause your treatment to lose its impact. Wear a hat when you’re out of the pool to shield your natural hair from UV rays and heat damage.

TIP 4: Cleanse with a Gentle Shampoo Right After

As soon as your swim ends, you must shampoo your hair. Choose a gentle, Brazilian Blowout's Acai Anti-Frizz Shampoo. This shampoo won’t diminish your blowout and will help it look as stunning as ever. You’re also setting your natural hair up for an easy detangling session.

TIP 5: Treat Your Hair to a Deep Conditioner and Strengthening Masque

After you’ve cleansed your scalp and hair, follow up with a Brazilian Blowout's Acai Deep Conditioning Masque to add the moisture your natural hair needs to look its best. This will help ensure that your stands stay healthy, strong, and smooth. Use a wide tooth comb or shower brush when working the masque into your hair for maximum coating. Let the masque sit in your hair for as long as ten minutes before rinsing it out. You can leave it in overnight, rinsing it out in the morning for enhanced results.

Chlorinated pool water will dehydrate your natural hair, stripping its natural oils, and reduce the staying power of your beautiful blowout. That’s why it’s imperative for you to use a hair care regimen for your natural hair, before and after getting into swimming pools. Brazilian Blowout Açai Anti-Frizz Care products will not only extend the life of your Brazilian Blowout smoothing treatment, with its exclusive blend of native smoothing and sealing properties, but they will help you maintain a smooth look and healthy hair all summer long!