Shaved sides was sooo last year…Ok, it was just a tad longer than that, but when it came out it was hot, cute, and funky. It was different and daring but now…it is getting old. The boldness of trying this sexy cut is wearing off and now all the daring divas are looking around like what to do now? Whether you have one side, both sides, or even an underside shaved, we understand that you can get bored with it. Kind of stuck? Well, you do not have to be.

Sexy, trendy, super cute styles are always great for a new season or year, and although they take off with a quickness, we become captivated with the style and must have it. For curly, coily, and wavy girls, it is a trickier style to manage as it grows out. Want to grow it out without losing your cool and chopping it all off? Here are a few styles that will make the transition simpler.

Fake it 'til you make it

Style it up or gel it down. Basically, just work with what you have. If you really do not worry about hiding it, you can make it more pronounced by adding color to the shaved side or the other hair to give a great contrast as well as bring more attention to it. Who truly cares and if you have that daring personality, the contrast of color is right up your alley.

Weave it

Yes, you heard right. Weave it up! You can add extensions for length and can usually get away with just creating a middle part so the hair falls either on one side or both sides if need be. No need to allow the world to see what is going on underneath unless you want them too.

Crochet braids

Crochet braids are sort of like weaving it up but without the messy glues, adhesives, or thread. Just cornrow the rest of the hair to the back and allow for the right length to cover your shaved side that is growing out. Crochet hair is still big so have fun with this super protective and fun style.

Protective styling

Michelle Howard-Smith has mid length hair, so hiding is a great option for her, but when her hair is not in big curly hair mode she shares this super cute style that pretty much just camouflages the shaved side while it grows out.

Updos & pins

BeautyCutright shows us two charming looks for growing out your shaved side that are easy and quick to do. The video is for rocking the shaved side, but we pulled out two looks that would be great for camouflaging it during the growing out stage. The first look is creating two-strand twists on the longer side with a beanie that is slightly tilted more on the shaved side.  The second style is actually her third style in the video, but she’s rocking a multi-colored scarf around the base and only allowing her longer side to showcase up top. 

Quick updo with scarf

Emmy Vargas shares a unique and simple style with a headband scarf that I wish I would have thought of years ago! Her hair is in a ponytail with bangs that are slightly off-kilter but perfect for a shaved side. She places her headband scarf in between the two-strand twisted bangs that she untwists for definition. All you would have to do is leave more of the headband scarf over the shaved side to have most of the focus on the bangs. It is a great way to hide that growing-out shaved side while rocking a ponytail with bangs.

3 Ways to wear a headscarf

LHDC-TV shares three styles with scarves that will hide an undercut or one shaved side if you have medium length hair and bangs. With one scarf and three unique looks you can camouflage the shaved side with either your hair or the scarf. All are easy, quick, and would look great with your tresses straightened or left au naturel.

How are you growing out your shaved sides?