One of the best things about hair is its versatility–the many different styles and colors you can play with, but there is a downside to this.

Sometimes the ever-changing trends can be damaging. So what happens when you want to style your hair in the fun and different style you saw on Instagram–but you don’t want to loosen your curl pattern, or possibly lose length? Here are a few under-the-radar ways  to give your curls a change without the commitment.

Use Kool-Aid dye as semi-permanent dye

For those looking to add a pop of color without bleaching or the upkeep on permanent dyes try using Kool-Aid to dye your hair with.  If using a food product on your hair doesn’t sound appealing there are plenty of semi-permanent hair dye options out there.  Keep in mind dying your hair with Kool-Aid will last a shorter amount of time than the semi-permanent hair dye will and if you have dark hair to start with opt for a darker color to add such as purple.

Install Clip-in Extensions

If you are tired of waiting for your hair to grow out longer or do not want the actual upkeep that comes with having long hair but wouldn’t mind it for a night, it is easy to find hair extensions in store and online that will match your hair color as well as hair texture. If you want a combination of colors and lengths for layers and versatility, dip dye them before installing. 

Try CurlFormers

If you are looking to achieve looser waves or spiral curls, CurlFormers are the perfect option instead of chemically treating your tight curly hair with a perm. They offer plenty of lengths, curl types and are simple to install. Extend the life of the curls you make by using dry shampoos and protecting your hair overnight, remembering not to refresh with water in the morning since that can undo all your hard work!

Style a Faux bob

You might have finally gotten your hair to the length of your dreams, but now you may start getting the itch to cut it again. If you have worked hard to grow it out, instead of undoing your work, try styling it into a faux bob for date night.

Change your part

This is one of the simplest options that can give you a completely new hair style without having to buy or cut anything! By changing up your part, you can change the way your hair frames your face which changes where your layers sit and how your curls fall. 

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