When it comes to helpful advice for men with curly hair, there isn’t a lot of useful or up to date information out there. But that’s changing, just ask Robin Sjoblom, top U.S. curly hair stylist and owner of Southern Curl in the Atlanta, GA area.

“So many of my curly women have curly boyfriends or curly husbands,” Sjoblom says of the recent boom in men growing to embrace their texture. “It is so great to see men trying out women’s curly products in the shower, only to discover how much better their curls look. Men like what their women are using. For a lot of guys, simple is the way to go.” Here are here simple rules of thumb to get the curly male in your life to love his god-given curls.

Outline This No-Fuss Wash & Style Routine

1. Cleanse once a week with a sulfate-free shampoo like DevaCurl No Poo. “If he prefers a lather, Innersense Organic Beauty Pure Harmony Hair Bath. It’s coconut-oil based, which offers many moisturizing benefits for textured hair. Long Hair Don’t Care is another fantastic gender-neutral cream cleanser, made with peppermint oil.”

2. Condition once a day with DevaCurl One Condition or DevaCurl Decadence Conditioner. “Both are lightly scented with a lemony, clean scent. They also provide great slip for easy detangling, making them both easy to use options for men.”

3. Style in the shower with a gel or a cream, depending on what his curls need more–moisture or definition. “He can use DevaCurl Supercream Coconut Styler if his curls seek moisture and are coarser. DevaCurl Light Defining Gel or Frizz Free Volumizing Foam are great for light hold and definition for men with fine, wavy to curly hair. A couple of pumps raked through his hair will keep the curls clumped for a long time–and they dry quickly.”

4. Plop with a t-shirt to lightly blot excess moisture from curls. He shouldn’t walk around with a large wet ring on the back of his clothing. “Drying time is important, as it should be fuss-free.”

Why a professional service is important for his curly journey

“Men are in need of education as much as women, even more in some ways,” Robin says. “They need to be educated on the why we use curly products as opposed to the on sale 2-in-1 grocery store product.” She notes the importance of consulting with an experienced, licensed curly hair professional. Not only will he get a chance to start off on the right foot in having a positive curly hair experience, but a stylist won’t make him resort to chopping his hair off for styling purposes (unless a big chop is necessary”>. “A little length can still be professional.”

The next wave in curly hair men’s trends?

Sjoblom notes that men with curly hair are starting to be proud of sporting longer hair. “Men will continue to grow out their curls while keeping their sides and back neat and groomed. able to be more playful & unstructured on weekends. They’re learning to #rocktheirblessing just like women.”

Some curly hair stylists offer an educational experience, not just a cut and style. “We call the education of my cuts The Bootcamp,” Robin mentions. She says the biggest obstacle is getting him to read his labels. “I tell him it’s just like reading his food labels. Men need to read product labels when shopping curly products. Sulfate free. Nothing ending in CONE (silicone=plastic”>!”

Book an appointment with Robin Sjoblom and visit her website, Southern-Curl.com. Client photos courtesy of Southern Curl.

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