Melissa Chanel, curl influencer, blogger, and Cantu’s National Beauty Ambassador recently sat down with me for a few of her favorite tips on how to make your back to school curl care easier. Cantu is one of our featured brands at Texture on the Runway 2017, powered by Sally Beauty. You can find Cantu's products at Sally Beauty, our exclusive retailer sponsor for Texture on the Runway. As we gear up for back to school season, Melissa and I discussed dads and ponytails, college and hair stylists, how to style your hair for the school year, and a peek into what you can carry in your bag to preserve your style!  

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Hi, Everyone! I am Melissa Chanel, Cantu’s National Beauty Ambassador and I’ve been natural for 9 years! I started my natural hair journey when I was in school. As I was attending college, my stylist at the time was like “Hey Melissa, I can get your hair straight without putting a relaxer in it” and that’s how it started. And after graduating college, I didn’t have this stylist to go to anymore, because she was in a different state.  So, then it was like ok, let’s see how my natural hair pattern is. Cantu was the first product I used because it was in my local store. Ever since then, I never looked back. I started a blog sharing tips and tricks with my followers about natural hair, and I’ve done everything from cutting it off, to coloring it, to letting it grow back, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

L: So recently, Cantu has come out with a line of products for the whole family? 

M: Yes, we want everyone to know that Cantu is for the whole family. We have a kid’s collection, we have women’s, and we have a new men’s collection launching. We try to be a one stop shop for the mom who is looking for something for her, her husband, and her child.

As we prepare for back to school season, her top tips included detangling, moisturizing, protecting your strands, and reviving your hair.

Photo Courtesy of @cantubeauty

1. Detangling

Detangling the hair and using a curl cream on the strands in order to make the styling process a tad bit easier was Melissa's first tip. For dads who are possibly styling their child’s hair, Melissa offers these words of wisdom:

"A detangler is going to save your life! Detangling [before washing will make wash-day] 100% easier. Cantu has an amazing Care For Kids Conditioning Detangler. It detangles hair and helps with making and it actually won a NaturallyCurly award in 2015. I know some adults prefer the kid one to the adult one, so detangle hair before you wash it. This will help the wash day be smoother." 

2. Moisturize

Moisturizing the strands to ensure healthy hair is all the ways at the top of our curl list. Melissa’s take on moisturizing curly hair involves utilizing the Care For Kids Curl Cream as your styler.

“Get a good curl cream. Ponytails will be the easiest style you can do or two pigtails. Use the curling cream after you condition as it helps define and defeats the frizz. So, the curl cream will be your next best friend. Use it after the detangler, define the curls, and help hair get into a ponytail or 2 pigtails. For little boys, try the Care For Kids Styling Custard, because you want a product with a little bit of hold. I would use a detangler (if necessary), a curl cream, and then the styling custard." 

Photo Courtesy of @cantubeauty

3. Protect

Once we have our style set, we have to know how to protect it at night. I am a huge fan of the satin pillow case myself, as my satin bonnet falls off consistently. Melissa suggests to “use a satin pillowcase or a satin bonnet, and also have a water bottle with just water. The next morning, mist [your child's] curls to rejuvenate and revitalize and bring their hair back to life."

4. Revive

Lastly, after a rough day at school, not to mention recess, your child’s hair is sure to sweat out! Melissa and I discussed her preferred methods of style revival and how she keeps her curls looking fresh. One of her favorite product lines features Apple Cider Vinegar, and it specifically works to provide relief at your roots and control oils. "Cantu has a line of products that are about refreshing your style. The refresh collection consists of a Root Rinse, a Root Release, and a Dry Co-Wash, with this line being perfect for college students that are protective styling. Our hair produces so much oil, so revival is important to keep hair full and shiny." 

For children, she recommends sticking with the kid's based line and then transitioning to adult products once they hit the age of 13.

Photo Courtesy of @melissachanel

Her last words of advice for parents of curly kids, and curly women and men in college:

M: "When I first started [working in the hair industry], I would tell young people that when you find something that works, stick to it. You don’t have to be a huge product hoarder that tries 50 million products. If you find something that works, use it. Also, get trims regularly. Don’t be afraid to cut your hair. Healthy hair is good hair, so you want to make sure you’re trimming, deep conditioning and if you find a product that works, stick with it."

One thing to keep in your backpack is the Curl Come Back Spray, as it revives hairstyles that may have fallen throughout the day. I, personally, am a fan of carrying around a spray bottle of water and hair milk whenever I am worried about my style falling. "This spray redefines, moisturizes, and restores the curls."

Thank you so much to Melissa for speaking with me, and I am looking forward to seeing Cantu Beauty at Texture on the Runway 2017!

For more from Melissa, you can follow her @melissachanel and at her site, and for more on Cantu’s new lines look for them at Sally Beauty

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