Second, third, and fourth day hair is always exciting. Freshly washed hair yields great curl definition, but old hair is full of volume. No amount of separating and picking will add volume that is equivalent to the elements of time and the great outdoors. Textured updos are the go-to style for all occasions. They are full of body, definition, and versatility. When the weather will not let you be great or when your twist out fails, coifing that style into an updo is always a great default. Have an important meeting to attend? Just spruce up an old twist out without the fuss of re-twisting, washing, or detangling. If you are looking for inspiration, then watch Sumetra transform her TWA into a funky updo.  

What You Need


  1. Start with an old stretched style (e.g. roller set, twist out, braid out”>. 
  2. Create a side part and section the top portion with a hair clamp.
  3. Apply the Sunny Isle Jamaican Black Castor Oil Edge Hair Gel along the edges, being sure to stroke the edges to ensure the loose hair and frizz is smooth.
  4. Start flat twisting that section toward the back, stopping halfway and securing with a bobby pin so the hair does not unravel.
  5. Repeat steps 1-3 on the other side of your hair.
  6. Release the clamps and fluff the hair.
  7. Swoop the loose hair along the hairline toward the left or right and secure the ends with a bobby pin

Tip: Style your hair before bed and secure with a satin bonnet to ensure that the flat twists are smooth and resist high humidity and high dew points outdoors.


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Do you prefer to achieve your updos on stretched hair or freshly washed hair?