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With many college students going back to school on a budget, there are concerns about hair care maintenance. It can be done with bargain shopping and finding alternatives for your favorites that may be too expensive. Here are other options that will allow you to build your hair stash without hurting your wallet. 

Sign up for alerts

Stay on top of the sales. Several drugstores and department stores will regularly have sales on beauty and personal care products. Be sure to sign up for emails or text alerts from your favorite retailers, and follow them on social media. Yes, it may take up some extra time, but if you can get real savings on your Holy Grail products, then it is worth it.

Maximize your savings with saving cards

Nothing beats a sale. I love Target and I have a REDcard because I love that extra five percent I get every time I use my card. Those shopping cards are great, because if you use them regularly, you can save a ton of money. There are added benefits on some of them that give you free shipping with online purchases. The REDcard is a debit card and that means it is simply pulling money out of your bank account and not a credit card, which adds interest to your purchases. The great BOGO (buy one get one free) or half off sales at Walgreens require that you have their Balance Rewards card, but it is free and you get perk points on most purchases.

Buy in bulk

When I say be a beast, I mean take it to the extreme. I will go to several Walgreens locations when SheaMoisture is running their BOGO sale that they promote a few times a year. I clean them out and by the end of the week I will have around 20 or 30 bottles in my pantry. Now, that may be too much of an investment for some, but I will have a stash that I paid only ½ of their worth for the next few months. When you stay on top of the great promotions, you stack up and have enough product to get you through the really lean times.

Use online for great deals

Many stores that may not be within your area can be found online, and many online stores do not have a brick and mortar store to keep costs low. Often these retailers offer free shipping with purchases of a certain amount, so never feel left out or feel like you have to pay more for not having a certain retail chain in your area. Also, if you or your parents partake in Amazon Prime, then use the great feature of two day free shipping on thousands of items. They even have deals for students with Amazon Prime, so make sure to check that out as well.

Check for student discounts

Some stores, especially in college towns, offer student discounts since they want your business. Don’t be too proud to ask for discounts. This will help with many of your expenses.