You are a flower with fragile petals, and your soul is a sensitive place right now. 

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Giving your resentment a home is doing nothing but adding toxicity to your space, and that only leaves you losing in the long run. As part of a healthy self-love routine, I like to jot down random thoughts of mine that might tend to come and go over a series of days or throughout a particular life event. I am also a firm believer that those very things, whether good or bad, have a way of manifesting themselves into something either
powerfully good or horrifically  bad in both my present and future.  The bad stuff: I say, identify and eliminate as quickly as humanly possible. 
Living in the moment, as famous Muslim and Hindu civil rights leader Mahatma Gandhi puts it, depends on what you do today--so lift yourself up out of that slumber. I know you have the ability to do it.

Apologize and forgive.

Whether it is verbalized to the actual person or in your journal, an important part of recovering your personal well-being involves the art of letting go is oftentimes as simple as being the bigger person in a situation and choosing to move on with an apology whether you are at complete fault for a situation or not. Even if you do not receive a literal from the opposite person, you still owe it to yourself to have complete closure. Understand that sometimes this means you have to simply swallow your pride and humble your ego in order to truly let go.

Eliminate the toxins.

During such a delicate time in this phase you must be extremely selective and choosy of the company you keep, the shows you watch, the social media posts you like, and other rituals that might normally be deemed as 'self-care.' You are a flower with fragile petals, and your soul is a sensitive place right now. Therefore it is OK to have an unapologetic attitude towards ignoring that phone call from the friend you know to vent after each work day. Still, keep the communication open between your loved ones enough to let them know to respect your space so that they do not become worried about your well-being; a good friend will be understanding and refrain from selfish tendencies by giving you the time and space.

Practice gratitude.

Breathe, relax. You've got that fighter spirit in you and you have the ability to overcome everything life throws at you. Whenever I find myself freaking out over something that is out of my control, my mother will be quick to remind me, "You are still living, Devri. You'll be fine." Be grateful for how far you have come, and practice your gratitude out loud so that the entire universe can pay you back. Pulitzer Prize-winning poet and author Maya Angelou reminded us with her famous words, "When we give cheerfully and accept gratefully, everyone is blessed."

How do you practice letting go?

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