Disclaimer: If you do not watch The Walking Dead, this might fly over your head.

I am a big The Walking Dead fan and I know I am far from alone. We do not know why it happened or even when but who cares? We just love the show! I never tire of the trials and tribulations that transpire on one of my favorite TV shows. Although we do give them a pass on some inconsistencies (like Andrea using her perfectly pedicured toes to escape being bitten by a-soon-to-be dead/alive doctor) we do appreciate their day-to-day lives once walkers overran the world. Now, there have been a few naturals on the show and right now we have a wavy-haired Maggie, loc’d up Michonne, and coily Sasha to watch. Wondering how are they keeping those tresses in good shape? Well, I’ve got you covered!


Ok, they look dirty most of the time and they must maintain some level of cleanliness between killing walkers and finding a safe place to stay. Now I would be laying low in a Target right about now but in reality most stores have been cleansed of all the goodies that are needed for everyday uses like soaps and shampoos. That’s right! It is now time to officially rough it out. It may not be pretty or glamorous but these ways will get the job done.

Water washing

Water washing or “rinse-only” washing is actually pretty popular now so it would be an easy transition for many when the zombies turn our world upside down. Using water and fingertips or a boar brush may be the easiest way to cleanse the hair during the new turn in the world. The whole premise to water washing is eliminating cleansers and your hair will stop overproducing sebum and your scalp’s pH will balance out all on its own. This will be the most popular method, as there would be no time for extra primping! The downside is that water alone cannot remove everything, so if you have walker guts in your hair you will need something a tad stronger. The upside is no need for scouring for supplies and leaving your well-guarded prison, church, or farm.

Washing hair with soap

There might be soap available, so you may have to kick into DIY mode. One of the best ways to cleanse your whole body would be creating your own castile soap. Castile soap is a vegetable soap derived from olive oil, water, and lye that is gentle, non-toxic, and great for cleaning everything. These three ingredients are something that would still be around even when the walkers are causing a ruckus so it might be time to give it a try. The downside of this soap is the potency, as it should be diluted with water before applying directly on the skin and hair. The upside is it is great for everything.

Baking soda

Yes, good old-fashioned baking soda, which will definitely be revered during the end of the world as you now know it. It is actually a great way to clean those strands and all it needs is a little hot water. It would be at any and every store so it would need to be on the list. It is an effective cleanser for your tresses and cleans well so unless you are fighting walkers daily, you should be able to prolong your wash days for weeks! The downside is it has a pH of about nine so you will have to normalize your hair after using it and follow up with a diluted apple cider vinegar (ACV). The upside is it works really well so you don't need a lot and you don’t need it often.


Now this may be a tad easier because all the products are either rancid or no longer available, but most likely you will have a garden if you are staying in one place longer than one season. If you are planting your roots then plant a garden with produce that can be used to create homemade conditioners. I will be hoarding all the carrier and essential oils so best believe I will have gallons of olive oil, avocado oil, etc. Just about any oil and fruits we love will garner amazing conditioners, so as we hack up those walkers our hair will be bouncy, soft, and oh so shiny!

Walker friendly conditioner Olive Oil & Honey

All you need is ¼ cup of honey and ¼ cup of olive oil (can be replaced with another oil as well). Mix and apply to hair and allow it to sit before rinsing.

I see dead people Diluted ACV

Add 1 teaspoon to one cup of water and pour into a squirt bottle if you were able to find one. Just shake the bottle before each use and gently massage into your hair and scalp for a minute or two. Do not worry, your hair will not smell like vinegar but honesty you are running from walkers so, who cares?

Zombie apocalypse fruit + oil conditioner

This recipe is an “everything but the kitchen sink” conditioner. Whatever fruits, vegetables, and herbs you find go into this mix. Don’t forget the carrier oil! Who is going to fault you for not following the book? Honestly, at least you are trying! Just do something if you do not want to go bald (unless you want that look). Just be creative and stock up on your goodies!


Ok, this may be easier or harder depending on the individual. I will be rocking twists, braids, or a bun but those are not options for everybody. No gels, waxes, or mousses to help you along so you may have to deal with only cleansing and conditioning. Braid it up, loc it up, or just fro it up. Even if you are not worried about styling you can find tee shirts and rock a turban it up. Hey, it will look cute on most days and be a great way to keep walker guts or bugs out of your hair.

Nighttime routine

Keep it simple! Tie it up with an old tee shirt turned turban or scarf and keep it moving. I applaud you if you find anything satin. Now, we are ready for the walkers so if you make it out alive…you know how to keep those tresses looking gorgeous!

How would you care for your hair?