Many women feel limited to stretched styles, because they cannot achieve second-day hair with a wash and go. Well, it does not have to be that way. Your natural hair journey should be all about doing what works for you, and sometimes (or a lot of times”> that means tailoring steps in your regimen to suit your needs. There are a few ways I have modified my pineapple process — from putting it up at night, to taking it down in the morning for a weeklong wash and go. A few of the most important tweaks I’ve made in my process have been discovering what not to do.

What NOT to do

Here are five things I don’t do when I pineapple. Watch my video tutorial afterwards to see my secret weapon (hint, I do it in the car”>.

Use a hair tie

Using a hair tie to secure your pineapple can create an impression after removing it in the morning. This may work for looser curl patterns, but it does not work for my afro-textured hair. Type 4 has the best hold memory out of the hair textures, so with that in mind, I coif my hair into a pineapple using only a satin bonnet and scarf. Forgo all hair ties and scrunchies, especially on short and medium lengths, as you may be pulling the hair, creating loss of curl definition.

Use an afro pick

Using an afro pick or comb creates great volume, but it can also cause frizz, which can shorten the longevity of your style. If you live in a climate with high humidity and high dew points, you can rely on the weather to do its job. Your hair will likely lift and naturally fall throughout the day.


This does nothing but create frizz. Since I have low- to medium-density hair, the only styles that I fluff are stretched styles because my scalp is more exposed. With a wash and go, I embrace the shrinkage. The pineapple will naturally create more height, and driving with the windows down is another way to achieve more volume.


Spritzing does nothing but cause tangles, frizz, and shrinkage with my coils. The way that my hair responds to spritzing with water is equivalent to walking outside when it is drizzling. It contracts and becomes slightly matted. I reserve spritzing my hair for when I am twisting and braiding for a style the next day. If you are moisturizing your hair daily, you should consider changing your moisturizer or leave-in conditioner. Here are my suggestions:

Aspire for perfect hair

I wish the back of my hair was perfectly round, but it is not, and I have accepted that. There is a difference between not wanting to look a hot mess, which is relative, and striving for perfect hair. I do not rush back to the shower if my hair begins to frizz on second or third day hair. Accept that your hair is unique like your fingerprint and embrace that. Now, if you are tired of experiencing frizzy, matted hair with your pineapple, check out my tutorial below.

Watch how I take down my pineapple

Have any tips to share for taking down your pineapple? Share them with us below!

This article was originally posted in 2015 and has been updated for clarity and grammar.

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