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Taking care of my natural hair is imperative to me, which is why I visit my stylist on a regular basis. I typically visit my hairstylist three to four times a year. It is important that you take time to develop trust and build a relationship with your stylist. When it comes to my curls, there are some things that I won’t do myself. I’ve been going to the same stylist since I first went natural and she’s educated and helped me through my transition. If you don’t understand why you should have a hairstylist, consider these reasons. 

Trims and haircuts

Even though I know how to trim my hair and I have done it several times, I prefer to seek my stylist for this service. I know that trims can be scary, but I trust my hairstylist. I had a horrifying experience when my hair was relaxed with a stylist who cut off too much of my hair. It took me a while to get past that and trust my new stylist. I recently got a significant haircut in September, and I am very happy with the results. As scary as it was, I trusted my hairstylist and she delivered exceptional results.


If you want to change the color of your hair dramatically, do not do it yourself. I haven’t had hair color since I was in high school, but if I were to color my hair today, I would visit a professional. Seek a professional who is a colorist and knows a lot of various techniques. Coloring your hair is one of things if done wrong, it could damage your hair or your scalp.


I do light blow-outs and wand curls on my hair at home, but I have never straightened my hair with flat irons. I leave the straightening to my hairstylist. I am terrified of heat damage and have heard a lot of horror stories about heat damage. Express your concerns about the state of your hair to your stylist and ask how to care for it before and after straightening.

Healthy hair chats

I also like to visit my stylist on a regular basis to talk about the health of my hair. I consult with her to make sure that I am taking proper care of my hair. If I have any issues such as dry scalp or dry hair she also recommends products that can help with my problem areas. I value the relationship with my hairstylist, because she listens to my needs and then educates me. I look at my relationship with my stylist just like my relationship with my doctor; they are both important to me. 

Do you visit your stylist on a regular basis? What are some reasons that you visit your stylist?

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