An all-natural substance, bamboo extract is derived from the leaves of the bamboo plant. Because of its high concentration in micronutrients, bamboo milk has been featured in tons of commercial beauty products targeted to strengthening hair, skin and nails.

This is what it can do for you naturally curly, coily, and wavy hair.

1. Strengthens weak hair

Bamboo extract contains 70% of silica, a natural substance that promotes the growth of strong and healthy, nails, skin, and hair. It’s known to strengthen the hair shaft that protects and prevents the hair from losing its elasticity and breaking. Because of this, bamboo extract is also used in hair growth supplements and multivitamins to treat thinning hair. Bamboo extract is found in commercial anti-aging beauty products with collagen to firm sagging skin (wrinkles”>.

2. Gently cleanses the scalp

If you feel that your shampoo leaves your hair feeling too clean, dry, and tangled, your shampoo is too harsh for your scalp. Bamboo extract can be found sulfate-free shampoos, conditioners, and co-washes. It won’t leave your hair dry or brittle long after cleansing. It is a light, natural cleaner that washes away all the dirt, excess oil and product build-up without stripping away your hair’s natural oil and moisture.

3. Softens & smoothes frizzy hair

Sometimes with the excess pull and stress we put on our hair, it loses it’s life and becomes weak, limped, and tired. Bamboo milk will give your curls that boost it needs. Bamboo milk has a weightless texture and doesn’t create a sticky film on our hair. Instead, it’s able to saturate our hair and produce soft, and smooth, volumizing curls.

4. Restores lifeless curls

The truth is our hair loves moisture! So when your natural curls feel a bit dry and lifeless, there is a chance that your hair is suffering from lack or hydration.  The ingredients found in bamboo milk conditions and provides your hair’s  with maximum hydration. Tip: add a deep conditioning  treatment that includes bamboo milk to your hair regimen. Use this deep conditioning masque while doing a steam treatment for best results.

These curly hair products contain bamboo milk


Gabrielle Bone

Gabrielle Bone

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