“Whitney I brought you pumpkin," my mother said over the phone.

“Pumpkin!" I yelled excitedly--I totally forgot I was in the office.

Its color, texture and of course, the taste: I love everything about this gorgeous vegetable. But do you know that it also offers many health benefits for our hair and skin? Pumpkin encourages healthy hair growth, and it also promotes collagen production to keep the wrinkles away. The fun part is that our body can absorb the nutrients in a variety of ways, from eating mashed cooked pumpkin to creating a deep conditioning hair and facial mask. So delicious.

The health benefits of pumpkin

When analyzing the benefits of a vegetable, it is worth identify its vitamins and minerals.
Vitamin B
This maintains skin's elasticity. The B-vitamin helps to prevent acne and improves blood circulation, which also lessens cellulite. Both vitamins contribute to bettering our mental health, as well. Vitamin B boosts  anti-stress hormones  to  make you calmer and happier. Vitamin B also helps for those with digestive problems.
Vitamin C
This contributes to your immune system, which  has the ability to detect and eliminate viral and bacterial infection. I have been eating pumpkin soup once or twice a week for the past couple of months. Ever since, my health has improved. 
A good source of minerals
Pumpkin is rich with potassium, iron, copper and magnesium. Being someone who works out a lot, I try to consume magnesium as much as possible so that my muscles recover. In the Dominican Republic, there are many products on the market that contain potassium to promote hair
growth and strengthen strands.

Pumpkin was a contributing factor to my hair's overall strength and length. Consuming a balanced diet that includes two liters of water a day will always remain the most important.

Will you try pumpkin this season for hair growth and length retention?

The photo above is from our Pumpkin Spice Homemade Hair Mask video.