This is what the NaturallyCurly editors are talking about this week. Because even after work, we cannot curb our fanatical ways about hair. 

Britney Spears and Iggy Azalea are trying to bring a (bad) 80's trend back.

True 80s babies can officially hide underneath a rock while the ugly crimped hair trend swings through for a comeback. Did you watch the Britney Spears and Iggy Azaela video for Pretty Girls? Neither did we. But based off of the overload of screenshots (AKA future memes) found on the internet, there was no shortage of tacky neon fashion accessories, crimping irons, and crop tops on set. We'll pass on the crimpers and rock our natural curls instead.

One writer's take on living with curly hair care helps us relate...

Life has been no walk in the park for curly girl Maggie Lange. And if the elements have anything to do with the situation, forget about it. ("Any droplet could start a butterfly effect of frizz.") But if years of experience dealing with an untamable mane account for anything, Maggie has got your back. She offers her fellow NY Mag followers the top 5 must-know tips all curlies should follow, stat.

...While another writer reminds us why laying off the flat irons was a good call.

No matter where in our natural hair journeys we may be now, we all remember the freakily obsessed days with our crispy flat irons. And if we ever act too good to remember, Seventeen writer Jelani Addams sure does bring us back to what once our everyday reality. We sure are thankful for it. She shares her horrific experience badly heat damaging her coarse textured hair and how it scarred her for life-- no pun intended.

Oh, you didn't know? Hair Botox is a thing now.

For those of us who have failed luck with numerous deep conditioning protein treatments and are desperate to repair our hair damage, look no further. There's a revamped version of "Hair Botox" --it's called Elite Hair Protein, and it helps the hair follicles strengthen by coating and hardening them with collagen and other necessary proteins. Eve Salon in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia specializes in the treatment. Rehab, a specialist at the salon says this Hair Botox is multipurpose: “The treatment enables hair recovery, growth, strengthening through three attained results: intensive conditioning and damage recovery of hair strands, strong coating on hair follicles that eliminates hair breakage and prevention of split ends, and texture nourishment that ends hair knots and hair fall."

Ombre isn't going anywhere--you can thank Foilyage for that.

Bayalage, dip dyeing, contouring, pixelated, ecaille, ombre. All of the trendy, edgy hair coloring techniques your salon constantly tried to lure you into trying. If you've colored your hair in the past say, two years, chances are you have tested ombre out for yourself. Now in 2015, it's attempting another go with the millennials. Enter: Foilyage. Similar but also different from the "streaking" method circa our Nsync and Britney Spears idolization era, this hair coloring technique was developed by Hitomi Ikeda, combining "free-hand painting with foil highlighting." Will you ask your hairstylist for this?