Here is what we were talking about this week. Because even in our spare time, the NaturallyCurly staff is ALWAYS talking about hair.


Spongebob might be jealous of these doggy haircuts.

In Taiwan, puppy parlors are giving their clients a particularly geometric haircut makeover--super square or perfectly round trims. As adorable as it probably sounds, we join Refinery29 in wondering "what the upkeep effort for this kind of 'do is like." Nonetheless, these photos of the pups make it almost OK for us humans to drool with lust.

Kim Kardashian describes her daughter's hair as a "wild afro" and of course, the internet reacts.

A few days ago Kim Kardashian-West was a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Show, in which she affectionately--yet naively--referred to her biracial daughter North West's hair as having "a crazy afro" in the morning. Fans and haters alike took to Twitter and Instagram to post their reactions to the comment. Critics found the word choice derogatory, while others commented in her defense, saying that all young children, whether their hair is straight or curly, can look "crazy" in the morning since toddlers often move around a lot in their sleep. What do you think of Kim's comments?


There's a legit reason for the man bun besides being hot -- being lazy.

According to Golden Gate Xpress photo editor Daniel Porter recalls his journey into long hair don't care territory. He says his laziness led him to put off getting a haircut, and then one day his friend happened to have a hair tie nearby and offered it to him to bun it up.  "As for my hair, I plan to keep this style until I can grow it into a full man bun. From there, I am not sure what my hair will look like, but I am always open to change."

Another Cut video--this time, stunning Mexican hairstyles over the decades. put together another quick recap-esque video in 2 minutes. From a loose halo crown braid to sultry finger waves and a sassy 1980s side ponytail complete with a scrunchie, model Reyna Marquez shows off the evolution of beautiful female Mexican hairstyles and updos from the past century. Have you seen it?


"Onile Gogoro" and 50 years of other iconic African hairstyles.

On BBC World Photo, Nigerian photographer D. 'Okhai Ojeikere and his work is spotlighted--it reflects Nigeria's independence from British rule in 1960. "Onile Gogoro" (tall house) is one of the illimitable hairstyles that Ojeikere, who passed away last year at the age of 83, captured in his photo series.  See more here on 


Michelle Obama rocked curly hair for the first time in 8 years!

This isn't the first time FLOTUS' hair is in the news--but this time, it has nothing to do with her bangs. Last Saturday, First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama, rocked curls for the first time during her husband's entire term of presidency. At the White House Correspondents Dinner, Mrs. Obama rocked loose, sexy curls. More, please!