For many women accepting their natural texture sparked a transition to an overall healthy lifestyle. With diet and fitness being a popular topic on social media, it is only natural that hair care maintenance would evolve for those increasing their activity level. It is easy to assume that someone can just resort to a bun but what if her hair is too short? What if a bun is not her style? Well, Breanna aka Mini Marley shows us how she styles her curlfriend Danielle’s hair. Danielle is a student who exercises five times a week and wants something to change her style midweek. Although Danielle’s hair is not short, this style is perfect for all lengths and it does not have to be achieved on freshly washed hair, which is great for saving time and adding stretch.

Since exercising regularly involves a lot of sweating, it is important to thoroughly wash your scalp and hair regularly, otherwise your hair and scalp can become dry from the salt in the sweat. Remember these tip if you plan to up your fitness level.

  • Cleanse hair and scalp weekly.
  • Opt for updos or partially stretched styles.
  • If you like stretched styles, keep your twists, braids, or cornrows installed and unravel them after your workout.
  • Do not cover your hair and go to bed until your scalp dries. This will help to prevent potential mold.

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