The biggest challenge with transitioning hair is styling. In an attempt to reduce the amount of manipulation for length retention, it is important to pick a few styles and stick with them. Everyone is ready for the day they can rock a curly ‘fro and there is no need to delay any longer. Mini Marley shows us how to mimic a super cute, curly fro. 

When struggling to blend your natural, virgin texture with the relaxed hair, flexi rods are a great option. You get fullness, volume, and definition with one style. How you prep the style from start to finish is important to achieve, long-lasting results. A flexi rod set can render weeklong results as long at the weather permits. All you need to do is pineapple or create a modified pineapple and shake in the morning to maintain this look throughout the week. Ready for the tutorial? Check out the video below.

What you need

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