Embrace what you cannot change, right? This halo that enjoys crowning my head despite my endless attempts to shield it away, thinks I should adopt that notion.

Frizz: my friend, no longer my foe.

As mentioned above, I have tried countless techniques, products, hairstyles, and everything in between to smooth my frizzies as much as possible. Time after time, it always fails. I followed that YouTuber's tutorial from beginning to end--why didn't my curls come out like hers? 

After a few years of trial and error, I realized some things are truly out of my control when it comes to, well, life. And my hair is not exempt. While MahoganyCurls and Naptural85 grow their hair long and strong, I'll focus on growing my up and out. Whether it has to do with the ingredients I use in my products, the way I dry my hair, or the way I layer and cocktail my product--no matter what I try or do--I will always have those little hairs on top near my crown that want to dance to their own tune. And I love them. It has become more important for me to focus on my own personal journey to healthier hair rather than comparing myself to others'. I now understand that not every 3C (like myself) has frizzy hair, and just because I have frizzies, doesn't make my hair any less healthy than the next head of curls. While frizz may be an "issue" for some, I completely embrace mine on most days.

...no matter what I try or do--I will always have those little hairs on top near my crown that want to dance to their own tune. And I love them. 

Some days I just feel like "big hair don't care". It's fun taking advantage of all the volume my curls can achieve. This is what I do to maximize on the frizz halo:

1. I tousle my roots.

This usually works best on hair that has been dampened with water. I fit the pads of my fingers into my scalp as if I'm going to massage it, then I shake a bit. This lifts the strands for epic volume.

2. I apply a styler upside down.

I was always told by my hairstylist to tilt my head in the direction that I want certain pieces to fall. So as my wash-and-go dries up and it's time to apply product, I flip my hair upside down, to the right, to the left, and back to keep the shape while not risking the volume.

3. I practice safe stretching.

Let's be clear, I haven't used a heat styling tool in 4 years. But every now and then I like to practice the banding method (wrapping hair ties around the length of my hair in sections) to make the most out of my big, frizzy head of curls.

Not that I particularly look for a solution to "tame" my frizz.

But if I am going for a more defined curl experience that day, this is what I will do to achieve it:

1. I braid, twist, or flexi rod my hair at night.

Sure, it takes some maintenance and time, but if I want long-lasting curl definition for the next few days, it is worth it. Most nights, the singular pineapple method simply does not work for me.

2. I use a curl refresher.

On second and third day hair, I like to use a refresher which consists of water, oil, and a butter to smooth my curls for a glossier, defined finish.

3. I plop with cotton.

I like to wrap a t-shirt or my curly tee towel around my soaking wet hair fresh out of the shower. It helps absorb the excess water without me having to manipulate it too much. That being said, actually sleeping on cotton pillowcases is a negative, as it increases frizz and the chance of breakage.

4. I sleep on silk.

Since I toss and turn a lot in my sleep, I do the multi-pineapple with 2 scrunchies that secure the top and bottom halves of my hair. Then, I tie a silk headwrap around my head and then place a silk cap on the top. This ensures that my entire head of curls from root to tip are covered and protected.

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