So I installed my own braids recently.

A picture of the editor holding her pink and black box braids
So photogenic...

I know all of our hairstylists in the audience just had a collective “I can tell.” moment, but I think I did okay. More importantly, I finally have the black & pink mix I've been thinking about for ages, and now I can make all the bubblegum/cotton candy/ Korean pop band jokes I want! Y’all know I love me some puns. But naturally, as soon as I was finished, I found something else calling to me.

Why couldn’t I do a sunset theme? I can walk to my neighborhood hair store (already dangerous in and of itself), so it’s just a hop, skip, and some SPF for me to go flip the style script with some red, blue, and magenta. Then again, I’ve always wanted some jumbo cornrows in white so I could be a squishier, less weather oriented Storm for a bit.

On the other-other hand, I have at least half a newly snatched jar of Creme of Nature’s Pudding Perfection waiting in the hair stuff pile at home, couldn’t I try out some updos after all this time? I’ve never done a faux-hawk in this last 10 ish years of being natural, maybe it’s time to pop-punk it up a little? And then too, with all this info about how to bleach afro-textured hair safely...

A black woman looks up from her laptop impatiently

Ahem. Sorry.

Obviously, I could go on about this for a while. And I have to say, working for NaturallyCurly, with the beauties we have working with us or even just passing through, my desire to change whatever is presently on my head “right now, immediately” is STRONG. Don’t misunderstand, my desire to sleep in is ALSO very strong, which is why my more savvy fellow editors are always nudging me to fill my IG with SOMETHING even if it’s just my almost everyday twist out. But I’m getting inspired pretty much constantly by necessity, bookmarking tutorials like mad, loads of "I want THIS on MEEEEEEEE!" status updates, and it would look to a casual observer that I’m just never happy with whatever I’ve got going on.

That couldn’t be further from the truth!

To turn a popular phrase on its head, I should say “Familiarity breeds contentment”, but is that always enough? If you’re wanting to change things up due to your hair muses always being engaged, it’s definitely not!

The Muses of Disney
Walt Disney Studio Animation/ Hercules

It's safe to assume I always mean these Muses specifically.

You don’t have to rule over a “stag-nation” to keep your hair healthy, deer curlies. Okay, that’s a multilevel pun, but you've already been warned.

As long as your whims are a product of pure enthusiasm for doing something different and not one of an unhealthy jealousy for hair that isn't your own, they're more than okay, they're great! Just keep protecting your hair's elasticity deep conditioning often, and switching up your maintenance routine to fit your style's needs,  and you'll be 100% fine! And if you're more type to have a go-to style that you're not really trying to change, that just means you've got an iconic look, curlfriend. It's all good.

Something to also consider? Tag us whenever wherever @NaturallyCurly so we can see what you do too!