Your morning hair styling routine just got easier!

Mornings can be tough on us curlies.

If we don’t practice maintenance on our curls on a regular nightly basis, mornings can be especially disastrous. From gently yet meticulously detangling your ends to wrapping your protective style in a satin scarf, you have to all but completely rework your look the night before styling occurs!

No matter your curl pattern, texture, or porosity level, you know that this nightly challenge is very, very real. That’s why we partnered with Moroccanoil to learn more about their brand new Curl Collection.

With the help of curly girl influencer Robyn, we’ve created a morning hair routine that you’re going to love. Similar to the beloved LOC Method, the Moroccanoil morning hair routine is conducive to your style-and-go lifestyle!

Your new morning hair routine starts here:

1. Morning showers are for cleansing your scalp and strands.

Moroccanoil Curl Cleansing Conditioner
Gently remove buildup with a conditioning cleanser.

Focusing on your scalp and curls doesn’t have to be reserved for wash day. All you’ll need is a cleansing conditioner. You’ll reap maximum benefits from the Moroccanoil Cleansing Conditioner, a no-foam conditioner with tea tree oil. Cleansing conditioners are perfect for moisturizing your curls while maintaining your scalp’s pH balance.

2. Post-cleanse, saturate curls with a fortifying oil.

Apply as much or as little of this miracle oil as your curls need.

Once your scalp and curls are cleansed, you’ll want to style them because wet curls are more pliable and easier to set with product. Even before styling, it’s recommended that you apply a fortifying oil to your curls. This is a surefire way to ensure that your curls will retain moisture all day long. Use the Moroccanoil Treatment as a styling foundation to eliminates frizz and smooth your curls’ texture.

3. It’s all about defining curls with a featherlight cream.

Lightweight, but thick enough to hold your curls in place!

Defining curls is simple when you have the right cream. Some are too thick and wear your curls down. That’s why you’ll need curl defining cream by Moroccanoil; created just for you. This lightweight cream doesn’t do that. In fact, it’s light enough for low porosity curls that need definition without the caking residue that most creams and mousses tend to leave.

4. Style with a diffuser instead of air drying your curls.

For styles that call for more volume, you'll need to diffuse your curls.

When you diffuse, your curls soften and gain more manageability. Ensure that you’re using low heat so that your curls don’t incur damage over time. Once your curls are dry, you’ll bask in the glow of your well defined curly crown!

Even though you don’t need to execute this hair routine every morning, you’ll most likely want to refresh and style your curls on the second day and beyond. These hair styling days require a different routine than Day 1. That’s why you’re going to need Curl Re-energizing Spray.

See the hair routine in action!

Watch Robyn’s morning hair routine. She’ll help you take your current routine to the next level!

No matter your curl pattern, texture, or porosity, you’ll love the difference this routine will make to the overall look and feel of your curls.

If you can’t wait to add the recommended Moroccanoil hair care curl collection to your Holy Grail, click on any of the images below to make a purchase! Make sure to leave a review about your experience with the product, too. We love hearing from you.


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