Surfing the internet for natural hair pictures, products, and ideas is so good, but oh so bad. How many times have you come across some idea, style, or product and wanted to try it immediately? Okay, well maybe just me…but when I recognize a really good thing, I almost always have to give it a go. Which was the case when it came using mousse in my natural hair. Throughout my journey, I have not seen too many naturals using mousse so my interest was peeked when I saw a photo of a fellow curly girl with hair very similar to mine using mousse.

I always thought mousse was for people with straight or wavy hair. No way that this would work on my thick, curly hair right? Wrong. It worked and it worked well. I decided to try this out with a wash and go and put some SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curling Gel Souffle in my hair to define my curls followed by the Crème of Nature Argan Oil Styling Mousse. Here are my thoughts on this product:


As expected, the consistency was light, airy, and very smooth. 


The scent is subtle and smells like a mixture floral scents with a hint of coconut. 


This product can be used for defined wash n go’s and defined twist outs. It is definitely a mousse aimed at the kinky/curly hair community, but it can also be used to wrap straight hair. 


The slip was actually quite good, better than I expected. Then again, I did not know what to expect, as I have never used this before. This mousse was very silky and smooth while being applied to the hair.


It retails for $4.99.

  1. Apply this product in my hair in four sections with about 3-4 pumps per section.
  2. Smooth it in over the SheaMoisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curling Gel Souffle and a leave-in from root to tip
  3. Use a Denman brush for more definition.

My objective in using this product was to get the added moisture from the argan oil and to get a little extra hold throughout the week. Not only did it do all of the above, but my hair was not stiff and it added quite a bit of shine.


Because this product is so light, when I plopped there was a bit of frizz but after drying it was no big deal. It still looked great. Just note, this product is so light you really shouldn’t touch your hair much at all until it is completely dry.

Final verdict 

I was able to wear my wash and go all week and had a little more body—more of a light and airy feeling—and my curls were pillow soft, shiny, and moisturized. It was just lovely.