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Whether you visit the salon occasionally or schedule routine visits for services, you should know what makes your salon visit longer or more expensive than necessary and what you can do to prepare for your hair appointment ahead of time. This knowledge of salon practices will help you prepare for your salon visit and clarify why you may be charged extra for services. 


It is best to arrive at the salon with your hair thoroughly detangled or at least not immensely tangled. Many salons charge an additional detangling fee that can cost you $15.00 and up if your hair takes longer than 15 to 20 min. to detangle. Coming to the salon with your hair already detangled will help you get out of the salon on time and avoid the hairstylist starting other clients who are scheduled after you. If you are unable to detangle your hair before you go to the salon, let the hairstylist know in advance so he or she can block off enough time to detangle your hair and keep the flow of the other appointments scheduled after you. 

Using prescription products

Using prescription shampoos or topical treatments require more time at the shampoo bowl. Always ask your hairstylist if he or she is willing to use these products during the time of your service. You should also ask if there is an additional fee to use the prescription products since they do take up additional time. 

Hair color history

Before getting permanent color or highlights, be completely honest about previous color services you have had and when you had them. This is very important because it will affect the outcome of your new color.  For example, if you want highlights and you had a jet black semi-permanent rinse six months from the date you want the highlights, you need to let the stylist know because he or she may need to remove the black rinse before doing the highlights. Color removal is considered color correction and you may be charged an additional fee.

Schedule for service

Make sure you are completely certain about the service you want before you get to the salon. Some salons schedule appointments specifically with the client’s processing time in mind. If you schedule a blow-dry but then decide to do a roller set when you get to the salon, this can cause a conflict with other services scheduled in between or after your service. No one wants to spend time in the salon longer than necessary. Try avoiding long waits or processing conflicts by scheduling the correct service.

Extension removal

Let stylists know when they have to take down extensions, braids, or twist. Taking down these services require additional time and extra fees, especially if the stylist that is taking down the extensions did not install it.

Add on services

Ask about add on services and schedule them in advance. Add on services such as deep conditioners, steam treatments, scalp treatments, trims, and color rinses should be scheduled in advance. During the time when you schedule your appointment, find out how much these add on services cost. If you need to be out of the salon by a specific time, find out how long all of your services will take so you can make it out of the salon in time.

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