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Whether you visit the salon occasionally or schedule routine visits for hair services, you should know what makes your salon visit longer or more expensive than necessary and what you can do to prepare for your hair appointment ahead of time.  This knowledge of salon practices will help you prepare for your salon visit and clarify why you may be charged extra for services.

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Buildup from extensions

After you take down your braids or extensions, avoid going directly into the salon with month’s worth of buildup still in your hair. If you visited the salon for regular touch-ups or washed your hair thoroughly while wearing extensions, then this may not apply to you. It is important to cleanse your hair before going into the salon for services if your hair went months without washing. It can take several shampoos to remove dirt from the hair after taking down braids. This can create an additional fee if a stylist spends extra time at the shampoo bowl and is unaware.

Arriving late

There are many stylists who work hard to get clients out of the salon timely and efficiently. If you are going to be late for a scheduled hair appointment, call the salon and ask if they have a late policy or if they charge a late fee. Some salons, depending on the service, will reschedule your hair appointment if you are extremely late. Always give the stylist a courtesy call and ask if you should still come in or reschedule for another day.

Cancelation policy

Find out the salons cancelation policy. A client’s daily responsibilities such as work, school, or parenthood can conflict with pampering themselves. Things happen and sometimes at the last minute you have to cancel a hair appointment. Ask about cancelation fees and how long you have to give notice that you will not be able to make it to an appointment. Some salons will ask you for a credit or debit card in advance to secure your spot and may charge you a non-refundable cancelation fee if you cancel an appointment the same day. Be mindful that some salons design their schedules to meet each client’s required service time while also not accepting walk-in appointments, so when there is a no-show the stylist is not compensated for his or her time.

Schedule a consultation

Consultations are important for many services such as color, cuts, and smoothing treatments. A consultation can give insight on stylist professionalism and whether or not you feel comfortable with the stylist rendering your services. You can ask for photos if you are a visual person. Mostly, you want to know that the stylist is a specialist in the service you are requesting.

Reduced prices

If you go to the salon with your hair already shampooed and conditioned, do not assume that there will be a reduced price for the salon service you require.  You should find out in advance if there is a reduced fee because you shampooed and conditioned your hair already.

Product preferences

Many clients have favorite hair products or preferences and bring these products into the salon. You should find out from your stylist if he or she is willing or familiar with the brand of products you want to bring in. It is best to research and find a stylist that carries the line of products you prefer. It can be overwhelming to learn how to use a new product at the time of your hair service.

Keep an open mind

If you are going to a stylist for the first time, but you have had bad experiences with other stylist in the past, just go to your new stylist with an open mind. Hopefully, you can discuss all your concerns with your stylist before your service. This will help develop a long term relationship with the stylist and he or she will be able to help you reach your goals realistically.

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