Veronica Gilbert wearing a braid-out

NaturallyCurly: Please introduce yourself!

Veronica Gilbert: My name is Roni. I am wife, stay at home mom of three, blogger, couponer (some may say extreme), natural hair enthusiast, makeup junkie and social networking guru! You will most likely find me (and my curls) on the beauty isle with coupons in one hand and cell phone in the other.

NC: Can you share a little bit about how and why you started your blog and started blogging and vlogging about hair?

VG: Well I initially started my blog, The Savvy Housewife, because I wanted to share the many aspects of my life as a housewife, and because my natural hair is such a big part of me, I can't help but to include in my blog. I also enjoy sharing what I have learned about my hair, styling ideas and product reviews in hopes that it may help someone else along their natural hair journey. It's also a great way for me to document my hair growth, regimen and favorite styles.

NC: How and when did you decide to go natural, or have you always been natural and embraced your curls?

VG: This is actually my second time going natural. The first time around I was a freshman in college (years ago). I ended up relaxing it because I had no idea how versatile my hair could be, and of course there was no Naturally Curly, Curly Nikki or YouTube videos to help guide me. This time around I was inspired go natural by my mom and best friend (who both wear their natural hair straight). My mom had been encouraging me for years, telling me I didn't need a relaxer, but of course I didn't listen. Then, one day about 4 years ago, my bestie told me I should try doing a bantu knot out, and man did that open the flood gates! I searched YouTube and came across so many beautiful curlies. I was so inspired. I transitioned a little over a year, spent hours on YouTube and natural hair blogs and had experimented with tons of styles (many of which failed). But I was hooked and committed. I love my hair!

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Roni turned to the side showing her wrap-around braid

NC: What is your current routine or regimen? From start to finish, on a curly day, what’s your process?

VG: I believe in keeping things simple. I wash, condition and detangle my hair at least once a week. I usually only deep condition my hair if it feels dry or in need of some TLC. I'm a bit of a product junkie, so I usually use what ever shampoo or conditioner I have on hand. My current favorites are the Shea Moisture Coconut & Hibiscus Curling Control Shampoo and Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Conditioner. As far as my deep conditioner of choice, I usually do a mixture of my favorite conditioner, olive oil and honey. Once washed, conditioned and deep conditioned (if needed) I then apply my favorite leave-in, Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Leave-in Conditioning Cream. Finally, I apply coconut oil and style as desired.

NC: What are you favorite hair styles to wear with your curls?

VG: My favorite hair style to date would have to be the braid-out. I love it!

NC: What are your must-have products and tools?

VG: My must have products are my Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Leave-in Conditioning Cream, coconut oil and Shea Moisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie. And my fav styling tool would have to be my fingers and hair pins. I can work magic with that combo!

NC: What do you do for your hair at night?

VG: My night time regimen is pretty simple too. If I'm rocking a braid-out I usually re-braid my hair, adding water and more product if needed or I will do a pineapple. But no matter what I style I'm rocking I always, always, always sleep in a satin bonnet or scarf.

NC: What is the best thing about being curly?

VG: The best thing about being curly is the versatility. I love that my styling options are almost endless! Also, I can walk in the rain and don't have to blow dry my hair!  It is also more unique, as so many people either have straight hair or blow-dry their hair straight.

NC: How has having curly hair impacted your life?

VG: Deciding to rock my hair curly has had such a positive impact on my life. I love that my imperfect curls are perfect on me! I feel more confident, I have taken more risks and I have stepped outside of my comfort zone, not just with my hair but in every facet of my life. It's amazing that changing and fully accepting one aspect of yourself can help influence and improve you in other areas.

NC: What would you tell others to encourage them to embrace their curls?

VG: Don't sell yourself short by comparing your curls or wishing your hair was like someone else's. Learn to embrace your curls — they are as unique as you are!

NC: Tell us about your current and upcoming projects. What are you up to?

VG: I just recently moved and I'm still trying to get things settled, I swear you never know how much stuff you have until you move (lol). But I do have several product reviews and style tutorials planned, so check out The Savvy Housewife for details. You can also connect with me on Facebook, YouTube, Pintrest and Twitter.

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