twa flexirod paville tutorial

Having short hair is supposed to make a statement and show how bold you are. When you decide to cut your hair you should still be able to have fun and not feel limited to one or two certain styles. That's why I am going to show you another option for your short and sassy do, a Flexi rod set!

Start with freshly washed hair and apply your leave in and oils that you prefer.

start with freshly washed hair

Step 1: Section your hair in small sections.

How you part your hair strongly determines how your hair will lay. If you want a part in your hair now is the time to section your hair to achieve that end result.

aunt jackie flaxseed gel

Step 2: Apply your product that holds your hair the best.

I used Aunt Jackie's Flaxseed Gel. Only use a little bit of product to avoid any flaking in your hair.

make sure your ends lay flat

Step 3: Wrap your hair around the Flexi rod making sure your ends lay flat.

Curl your hair away from your face. (I used 3/8 sized Flexi rods). Let your hair air dry or sit under a dryer.

install flexi rods

Step 4: Take down your rods.

take down rods

Step 5: Saturate your hands with desired oils and begin to separate the curls.

use a pick to fluff curls

Step 7: Use a pick to fluff your curls.

Voila! You know have fluffy Flexi rod curls on your short natural hair. Follow me @Pavilleis on Instagram for more.

Tip-- Smaller rods make it easier to curl your hair. I recommend 7/16, 3/8 or 1/4" rods.