Bring out your favorite winter hats! It is time to protect our scalps and ends from the cold, crisp air of fall and winter. Wearing hats can help you retain moisture in your hair. For curlies it can be a challenge to wear hats because of our big and voluminous hair, but it no longer has to be a challenge. Check out these hairstyles to wear with your winter hats. Trust me, they will make you stand out.

Braid Out, Twists, and Tucked Away


Braid outs and twist outs are styles that are very easy to achieve. While styling your hair, make sure that you apply a generous amount of leave-in conditioner and an oil or butter to keep your hair moisturized. It will also help you achieve a defined twist out that can last for days. If you are concerned about your hair rubbing against the material of your hat, then sew or clip a satin cap in your hat. Do not want to take your twists out? Wear them out or tuck them away! Naptural85 shows us how to wear your hair loose, twisted, and tucked away with some neat tricks in this video.  

Tuck and Pin, Pompadour, and Low Bun

You can still style your hair in updos with your hats. The tuck and pin and bun are great options. You can also add a pompadour to spice it up! As always, if you tuck your hair away, make sure your ends are properly moisturized. For these styles you will need a lot of bobby pins. SimplYounique shows us how these hairstyles with her twists. You can still achieve these styles without the twists.  

Fishtail Braid or Simple Braid

A braid is simple and super fast. You can also try the trendy fishtail braid if you would like a challenge. Melissa Denise shows a detailed tutorial of how to create this trendy look on her straightened curls. After you complete your braid, put on your favorite winter hat. This is a great option if you also heat style your hair. You can put your hair into a braid until washday. Do you have side bangs? A side swept bang can also make this look stand out. If you decide to wear your side bang, it may be easy if you use a bobby pin to keep your bang in place.

These are just a few of the styles that you can create with hats. Do not be afraid to mix or match. Experiment to see what works best with your hair and the style of your hat. What are your favorite hairstyles when you wear your winter hats? What new styles are you going to try this year?

How do you wear your hair under hats?