Among the natural hair competitions of the weekend, the winner of the World Natural Hair braids category, Rare Essence Braiding Studio in Glendale, Arizona, stood out for creating a unique style that is both retro-diva and futuristic-icon.

Front View!

Golden Pompadour

From the front, you see a cloud-like golden pompadour a la a vintage lounge singer. Then in the back of the head, we time travel 100 years to the year 2050 where the sides are braided in symmetrical patterns that fan out from the ears and into a gold wire-wrapped, tail-esque braid.

Side View!

Solid Shape

By using a thin filament to create a solid shape with an organic curve, the artist creates a look that is both delicate and powerful at the same time. For a complete look, make up artist Karen Stallings of Color U Cosmetics added a touch of gold to the inner corners of the eyes. This subtle touch adds an exotic flair that complements with the braid style.

Golden Hues

With the striking golden hues, radial braid pattern, and innovative use of wire, Rare Essence Braiding Studio makes a bold statement worthy of the title!

Other Side View!