SunKissAlba on What It Takes to Be a Successful YouTuber


2014-01-07 18:45:24

SunKissAlba on What It Takes to Be a Successful YouTuber

One of SunKiss Alba's secret to YouTube success: being authentic. Read the rest here!

Alba, better known as SunKissAlba online, is a curly-haired vlogger who started transitioning in 2010. With the help of a webcam, a flawless face, and a yearning for reaching out to the curly community, Alba comes with the gift of Type 3 expertise in both English & Spanish.

NaturallyCurly: Please introduce yourself!

Alba: My name is Alba. I am a Bi-lingual Beauty Vlogger on YouTube under the name "SunKissAlba,"  and for spanish speakers "SunKissAlbaParaTi".

My channels are all about beauty, style and natural hair. Basically a little bit of everything! 

NC: How long have you been natural?

Alba: I have been natural for about 3 years or so. Oct 2010 is when I decided to no longer use heat on my hair, or hair dyes, or chemical based products because I noticed a huge change in my curls after experimenting with a red dye and new straighteners.

As soon as I saw my 3b curls turn wavy on the bottom, I freaked and that was the end of it for me! I realized I had heat damage. Unfortunately it took me seeing the damage to realize what I was doing but I definitely learned from it!

Having healthy curls was far more important to me than having straight hair for a few days so I cut of my damage gradually and I have not used heat, hair dyes, or any chemical based products since then! 

NC: What's your current routine?

Alba: I only cleanse and style my hair once or twice a week (average).

I either co-wash with my DevaCurl One Condition or use DevaCurl No Poo cleansing cream and follow up with conditioners like DevaCurl One Condition or Giovanni Eco Chic Conditioner. To style right now I'm loving the L.O.C. Method for winter but I usually just apply my SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie and seal with aloe vera or jojoba oil on my tips only.

I always air dry and my hair stays in perfect frizz free style for about 4-5 days if I want it to. To restyle I simply refresh with spritzing water or a Lavender hair spritzer and air dry. 

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