Hallie Ehat from Cute Girls Hairstyles

We were elated when we stumbled on this super cute flower bun hawk from Cute Girls Hairstyles in our YouTube subscription feed. Sometimes little girls want to a change from the routine wash and go, pigtails, and French braids. Little girls often desire to wear their hair straight and loose but we understand that heat is not an option for all mommies and many want to encourage their daughters to embrace their natural textures. Wavy textures can mimic straight hair when it comes to styling, as it can be difficult to grip. This tutorial will help you style your daughter’s hair for any occasion, casual or formal. Does she have a dance competition or is she going to a birthday party? Try this quick and simple flower bun hawk.

Here’s what you need

  • 3 Rubber bands
  • Bobby pins
  • Rat tail comb
Try the style with these products:

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