This beautiful twist out starts with the right Holy Grail products.

No matter what stage of the natural hair game you’re in at present, one thing is for sure: There’s a myriad of natural hairstyles for us to choose from.

Keeping this in mind, members of the Design Essentials team partnered with us at NaturallyCurly to create the perfect classic natural hairstyle that you’ll want to rock all year long.

The Design Essentials Twist Out

Achieve this classic look following the steps below -- Take note!

STEP 1 - Section hair out with a setting lotion, and then Do The Twist!

Alexis used a wide tooth comb and her fingers to create manageable sections.

Create sections of curls with a wide tooth comb. If you have lots of sections to make, use butterfly clips or bobby pins to keep your sections from intermingling with one another. Using the Design Essentials Natural Twist & Set Setting Lotion, twist two strands of sectioned hair. This setting lotion, filled with jojoba and olive oil, helps lock in the twists will penetrating each strand with silk amino-acids, vitamins and proteins. That means your twists are going to look and feel completely fortified once you unravel and style them!

STEP 2 - Come undone and back together again with mousse

Lock in moisture and nourish curls with mousse.

Your twists have dried and you’re ready to reveal your gorgeous curls to the world! Well, it’s time to grab a styling product that will hold your look all day long. No matter which styling product type you prefer, you’re going to want to get your hands on this magnificent frizz fighting mousse. This Almond & Avocado Curl Enhancing Mousse from Design Essentials will blow your mind. Like its olive oil infused cousins, this mousse will nourish second day curls. For instantly hydrated curls, you can also use a curl refresher.

STEP 3 - Show those edges who’s boss with an edge tamer

Grab a toothbrush and lay those edges down!

Ladies, grab your toothbrush and soft boar’s hair bristle brushes! It’s time to lay those edges all the way down. Grab a tiny tub of the Design Essentials Natural Honey & Shea Edge Tamer. It’s a moisturizing edges and baby hairs gel that offers those with stubborn hair a firm hold. This tamer is tough yet presents coils gentle touches of honey and shea butter for nourishment and sleek, brilliant shine.

STEP 4 - Add sheen with a lightweight oil mist

Add sheen and softness to curls with a shine mist.

As a deep moisture and coconut oil fanatic, I was thrilled to learn that the Design Essentials Coconut & Monoi Intense Shine Oil Mist would be a major player in the execution of this always-on-trend look. Since curly hair can suffer from dryness and lack of shine, you’re going to love how the Moroccan Argan Oil immediately adds nourishment and conditioning to your hair. This oil mist also protects hair from environmental and heat damage throughout the day so you never have to worry if your hair is suffering from sun exposure or styling damage.

My, my, my… don’t you look fly?

From short-to-medium length curls and coils to long, flowing waves, the Classic Twist Out is worn well by any type of natural hair enthusiast. It’s one of the most popular looks out there because it’s easy to style and maintain. That’s why Design Essentials knows that you’ll love the look and feel of your perfectly moisturized and styled Twist Out.

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As ever, stay curly!