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Christo is the Global Artistic Director of Christo Fifth Avenue and Curlisto Systems curly hair care products. His salon is located at 35 West 45th Street, New York, NY. 

How did you get started in this industry?

I began my career at the tender age of twelve with an apprenticeship at my family's salon on a small Greek island, Cyprus. During my teenage years, I ventured to Paris where I advanced my talent and gained Parisian clientele. By my early 20's, I was able to lead a team of artists around the world to educate salon professionals. I then ventured stateside where I opened my first workshop right in the heart of New York City on Fifth Avenue. Christo FIfth Avenue and Curlisto Systems both launched in October 2002 and have thankfully been successful since.

During the consultation, the stylist analyzes the hair texture and has a one-on-one Q&A with the client. I call this psycho-hair therapy. You have to get in depth.

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What (or who) inspired you?

In my younger years as an artist, a huge role model of mine was Vidal Sassoon. Not only was he a successful hairdresser, but a businessman too. The combination of both motivated and inspired me to do the same. Nevertheless, as a hair stylist, inspiration does not necessarily come from people or from hair--but from your own imagination! Think or visit a beautiful scenic place that clears your mind and brings you ideas of designs. There is no limitation to me personally where I draw my inspiration from.

What mistake do you notice your clients making the most?

When it comes to clients with curly hair, one of the biggest challenges is that they don't know or understand the beauty of their curl texture. For me, that is the most important challenge! If you educate your clients to better understand the texture of their curls, then they will start loving it, and embracing it. This happens during the consultation--where the stylist analyzes the hair texture and has a one-on-one Q&A with the client. I call this psycho-hair therapy. You have to get in depth with your client. Ask them how their hair was treated as a young kid to teenager to an adult and so on.

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Many times I have witnessed that it is not the client, themselves that got them to think their hair is the problem, but their own surroundings and environment.

How did your nickname, King of Curls?

When publications would come to interview me, they just shouted the name out without me even knowing. I think part of it is because I'm detailed and an extremely passionate educator that I inspired them to give me this nickname. I liked it so I stuck with it!

Explain the Curlisto Styling Method.

The Curlisto Styling Method is one of the easiest ways to style any texture of curly hair. We simply section the hair into 5 sections from the nape to the top. Take one section at a time and using your fingers as a comb, apply your styling product formula into your curls. Make sure your hair is wet at all times, but not soaking wet. You do not want your products to be dripping out of your hair.

After you finish each section, use a few duck bill clips at the crown area to create a lift of the roots. Let your hair air dry, or diffuse for faster results. My technique has been seen all over the world. I've received thank you e-mails from people in Australia, South America, England to name few. I feel blessed that I can share my method and have it be extremely useful to people wherever they are living. The reason I believe it is so helpful is because the details have been broken down very delicately into 7 minutes. Watch my tutorial here.


What has been your biggest accomplishment yet?

It definitely has to be opening my first workshop on Fifth Avenue, 12 years ago. I come from a small island, Cyprus, and I truly believe I am living the American dream. As for future accomplishments, I am taking life day by day at a time. I enjoy what I have now and am extremely thankful.

I am just going to keep striving to be the best and continue to do what I love to do. What is meant to be will find its way.

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How can we book an appointment with the King of Curls?

The best way to book an appointment with me is by e-mailing  [email protected]
 or a simple phone call to my workshop. First time clients will easily get an appointment within two months. Please, follow us on twitter for daily updates and info, @christofifthave. We reply to all of our followers on a daily basis. We love to connect and reach out.