Have you been trying (and failing) to get your curls or coils to look defined and stay that way all day? We have an easy-to-remember technique that may change the way your curls look for good. Naturally Coily James recently shared with us his simple wash-and-go routine that results in luscious coils using the "Rake & Shake Method."

What You'll Need


1. Wash & condition your hair

I like to use a simple conditioner and add my favorite oils. This month I'm using grapeseed oil.

2. Add a leave-in & oil

I use Kinky Curly Knot Today for my leave in & coconut oil.

3. Detangle & pick

I like to start styling in a "fro" stage but if you have longer hair I'm sure you can two-strand twist your sections for definition.

4. Spray your sections with water & apply gel

Make sure you smooth gel from root to tip. Also don't forget to Rake & Shake (take your fingers through your hair & shake as you do so your coils start to clump).

5. Air dry

After you have finished all your sections n your wash n go is complete, let your hair air dry!

At night

Apply a satin bonnet, satin scarf, or use a satin pillowcase to preserve your coils.

The next day

Unwrap your satin item, grab a water bottle, and spray over your hair. Pat your misted hair--it helps move the water from root to tip. Give yourself a good shake but you still want your GEL cast to stay coiled.

Wash, dry, go and watch everyone stare at your amazing coils!

Watch the video

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