Don’t you just love applying pure, healthy ingredients on your hair, scalp and body?  For me, it makes me feel nourished and ravished by nature’s elements. I am a shea butter and mango butter fan, a sucker for tea tree oil and virtually any of nature’s beneficial extracts.  

Recently some information has surfaced surrounding the benefits of black pearl protein and sea buckthorn oil. Although not new to the beauty industry, black pearl protein and sea buckthorn oil recently debuted in the new SheaMoisture Zanzibar Complex Community Commerce Collection that is currently stocked in Target's Made to Matter section shelves. This section will feature brands and products that are eco-friendly and support sustainability and ethical sourcing. The collection includes hair, bath, and body care with black pearl protein and sea buckthorn oil as two of the key ingredients in the collection. Melissa Miller from Sundial Creations says:

Black pearl protein provides strength and rejuvenation to broken, lackluster hair. It offers nourishment and detoxification, leaving hair shiny and supple. Complimenting black pearl protein is sea buckthorn oil, which provides anti-aging and reparative nutrients to hydrate the hair and promote healthy growth. This ingredient duo is found in various hair and body products worldwide. Sea of Spa says it is shown to detoxify, regenerate, soften, and nourish the hair and body. Other additions in the collection include a special blend of kelp and carrageenan (also known as red algae), which is rich in polysaccharides for protection and moisturizing the hair. The two are also known for stimulating hair growth.

Richelieu Dennis, CEO and founder of SheaMoisture, continues to be a research pioneer within the company, known for testing and utilizing rare, natural ingredients worldwide to expand the SheaMoisture handmade skin care and hair care formulations. The new collection is age defying and color protecting for the hair. The body line offers traditional products like hand cream and body lotion as well as two not so common products in beauty lines: bath, body and massage oil and body polish. Both are instrumental in rejuvenating and replenishing skin as it matures.

SheaMoisture says, “The Zanzibar Marine Complex collection is made with natural, certified organic, and ethically sourced ingredients, including certified organic shea butter sourced from seven women's cooperatives in northern Ghana, as part of the Shea Moisture’s Community Commerce Program. SheaMoisture proudly ethically sources its shea butter from those seven women’s co-ops in northern Ghana and invests in over 2,500 women entrepreneurs. When SheaMoisture invests in women’s shea butter cooperatives in Ghana, the brand doesn't just buy their products — it helps them develop self-sustaining businesses. An ethical wage premium is paid to these enterprising women and the brand aids in monitoring practices to ensure that the efficiency, health, profitability, and quality of life are elevated for members of the co-ops. 10% of proceeds from this collection give back to women run businesses.”

The resources within these bottles are from the deep blue and the clay hills of Africa. To travel far and wide for exotic, authentic ingredients is the SheaMoisture way to “preserve the efficacy and rich heritage of each ingredient." The fully anticipated collection is currently stocked on the shelves in Target.

We're currently testing out a few of the new products ourselves, have you seen or tried any of these products in Target yet?