There are 2 ingredients available to curlies and coilies that stop frizz from occurring in humid climates: Coconut Oil and Manuka Honey.


Curly and coily textured hair is as susceptible to frizz as those with wavy hair, if not more so due to the hair cuticle keratin levels and a tendency to curl into itself especially in humid climates and inclimate weather.

Women-owned Long Aid Naturals understands this fact and set out to use sustainably sourced ingredients to help us manage the inevitability of our curls’ reaction to Mother Nature’s ups and downs. By incorporating Coconut Oil and Manuka Honey into a new collection, these savvy women have created everyday humidity and frizz protection to people with curly, coily, and wavy tresses.

Because I too am no stranger to frizzy ends and dry coils, I am sharing why the two hero ingredients in the Long Aid Naturals line are important to your fight against frizz and humidity.

How Coconut Oil Combats Humidity

According to natural hair influencer and research MoKnowsHair, “Frizz occurs when the cuticle layer of your hair is raised, allowing moisture to pass through and swell the strands. As a result, your hair appears dry and frizzy instead of smooth and defined. In general, curly hair tends to have more frizz than straight hair because of dehydration in the strands, which leaves it more vulnerable to [frizz].”

That is why coconut oil, an emollient derived from coconuts with a molecular structure that makes it easier to penetrate the hair shaft, is among the best ingredient to use when hydrating curly hair. [Learn more here: Hair Care Glossary by]

Stylers that host emollients are also going to help you fight frizz and let humidity work for you rather than against you. Humidity will cause shrinkage, which is a recurring issue in the natural hair community. When you apply a generous amount of Manuka Honey & Coconut Shrink Away Elongating Curl Cream to your hair, you are bound to achieve your length goals. I used it for a two-strand twist-set and was pleased when I unraveled them the following morning: the aloe vera and Manuka honey keep my typically dry ends coiled all day. I highly recommend it!

For those of us that wash and go on a regular basis, you will want to invest in Manuka Honey & Coconut Curling Jelly and Manuka Honey & Coconut Triple Cream Styling Custard. The not-so-secret agent in both the jelly and custard, Manuka honey, helps shield the hair cuticle from weather changes in order to keep curls defined and beautifully styled. Dependent of hair length, apply about two pea-sized amounts of custard to sectioned hair. Then, finger rake the jelly through your strands and air dry for a beautiful wash and go style.

BONUS: The combination of coconut oil and Manuka honey work wonders on second-day hair. Use the Manuka Honey & Coconut Shine & Refresh Spray when second-day curls need refreshing moisture and shine. It also hosts sweet almond and sesame seed oils which will help prime your hair for growth.

How Manuka Honey Combats Humidity

Because moisture is ever present in the environment, curls will always need a humectant applied to them. As noted by writer and research NaturallyChelsea, “Since honey is a humectant, it will help to draw moisture from out of the atmosphere and into your hair.”

In addition to its moisture-absorbing property, Manuka honey aids in the prevention of split ends, a curly hair concern that is connected to hair loss and length retention difficulties.

As I have mentioned in the past, a healthy scalp is the base for healthy curls. With the aid of the Manuka Honey & Bergamot Conditioning Cleanse, your curls will be gently cleansed and primed to fend off humidity. The addition of ginseng extract will help with hair growth and length retention. You will want to follow up with the Manuka Honey & Bergamot Daily Conditioner and Manuka Honey & Bergamot DoubleCream Moisture Masque, both of which you should apply generous amounts to cleansed, sectioned curls.

For non-wash days, the Tea Tree Detox Clarifying Spray is my personal go-to. I product test often, which means that my scalp and hair tend to hold onto product and causes buildup almost weekly. I have found a miracle product in this clarifying spray because I no longer need to wash my hair every other day to get products out of my curls. I section my hair, spray the clarifier on each section, and gently rub it into my scalp. It works wonders!

For those of you that need not use a clarifier so often or if you wear a protective style for weeks at a time, I recommend this spray to keep product and/or fungus buildup at bay while soothing scalp itch.

BONUS: Prior to cleansing and conditioning, I recommend spritzing the Tangle & Twist Rescue Detangling Spray onto damp (not wet”> sectioned curls to help you easily remove hair shed and untangle knots.

Long Aid Naturals Combats Humidity with Coconut Oil and Manuka Honey

I know that you will enjoy the lasting effects of the new Long Aid Naturals collection as much as I do. Each offering was formulated to prevent split ends, reduce hair fall, regrow thinning hair, prevent scalp dryness, remove product buildup, and fight frizz.

What is even better is that this scalp and curl nourishing regimen is in tune with the naturalista and curly girl lifestyle; the collection is cruelty-free; its ingredients are sustainably sourced; and none of the product offerings contain harmful chemicals like DEA, Formaldehyde, Mineral Oil, Parabens, Paraffin, Phthalate, and Sulfates.

There is one more reason you will love Long Aid Naturals:

In partnership with SHOP NaturallyCurly, Long Aid Naturals will donate a portion of your purchase through our e-commerce store to MIFA and CASA charitable organizations. As an avid volunteer and active community member, it is important to me that brands like this one are openly giving back to the community at large; it is an admirable, inspired action.

Want to give Long Aid Naturals a try?

Hop over to SHOP NaturallyCurly to get this Manuka honey and coconut oil infused collection today!

Tell me how you liked them in the comments below or on their product pages.

As ever, stay curly!

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