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When I was in high school, I used to dye my hair at home all the time. Now that I look back, it probably was not a good idea, because I didn’t know anything about hair color and the proper technique, but you live and you learn. Many curlies dye their hair black and usually do it at home. The problem that most women have when dyeing their hair black is that it ends up looking unnaturally dark or green. In order to achieve a natural black hair color at home and avoid green hair, we spoke with Hair Stylist, LaToyah Smith, of My Toy Art to get the scoop on how we can get the best results.

How can you safely dye your hair at home?

Smith: “Start with a proper consultation, complete a test strand to see if the hair is strong enough or if that you have an allergy to that specific color line.”

What advice do you have to anyone coloring their hair at home?

Smith: “Color is a very intense subject. Most people go wrong thinking they can purchase a box color, and it'll turn out just like the color on the box, this is not the case most times. Color can be unpredictable if you don't have the knowledge of the color wheel, Which colors cancel the other out, complimentary color, What natural undertone a person has or if he or she has had previous chemicals or color. You won't get what you intended to get. We encourage you to seek professional help when using hair color.”

Most people go wrong thinking they can purchase a box color, and it'll turn out just like the color on the box, this is not the case most times

How can you avoid the green color?

Smith: “ There are only a few situations where your hair will turn green from color. If the color you are using has a green base in it, (again once your studied color you'd understand the science behind it). Or if your hair was a lighter color, and you did not put a filler color in between before going from light to dark. If your hair is chemically treated (relaxed, keratin, etc.), then the tone may change after applying the color. This may happen because of the combination of the two chemicals mixed; chemical reaction can cause a color change. Please seek professional help when dealing with an intense chemical such as color."

If you do choose to choose to color at home

There are many drugstore hair dyes that you can purchase to do your color yourself at home. Make sure that you are completely confident in doing this yourself before you start the process. Make sure that you have all the proper tools needed to do this at home. There are so many drugstore hair dyes to choose from, but here are a few options for you.

Shea Moisture Nourishing, Moisture- Rich, Ammonia- Free Hair Color System 

Shea Moisture offers an Ammonia-Free Hair Color System that gently, and efficiently, colors your hair. With this system, you get a softer, silkier and healthier appearance. Shea Moisture offers a  permanent, no-drip formula that delivers vibrant color, body, and shine. The color Jet Black is the darkest black color that they offer; it is a dark black shade.

Creme of Nature Exotic Shine Color

Creme of Nature Exotic Shine Color is made with argan oil from Morocco. It is made with double Argan Oil treatments for ultimate conditioning. The Creme of Nature Exotic Shine Color aims to give you rich, vibrant color tones. It also strengthens, conditions and adds exotic shine for a long-lasting vibrant color. 

Dark and Lovely Color Gloss

Dark and Lovely has created their first no ammonia, shine-infusing conditioning hair color that gives you natural looking results while also delivering gorgeous, glossy and shining hair. Their new formula is jam-packed with goodness. The Color Gloss is made with Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, and Pomegranate. It aims to condition your hair and also protects your curls from damage while delivering you with beautiful and radiant color hair color.

Do you color your hair at home?

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