Porosity is an important, though often ignored, factor in your hair care. In simple terms, your hair's porosity level refers to its ability to absorb--and hold on to--moisture.
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Porosity is an important, though often ignored, factor in your hair care. In simple terms, your hair's porosity level refers to its ability to absorb--and hold on to--moisture.  Porosity is broken down into three categories
low, normal, and high.  High porosity hair may be the result of either chemical or physical damage (a result of over-manipulation), and can also be due to natural factors like genetics. Whatever the cause, high porosity hair readily absorbs moisture and can take in so much that the weight on the strands usually results in breakage. High porosity hair will also quickly lose moisture to the atmosphere - meaning your hair dries quickly. Therefore, it is important to seal moisture in efficiently so that high porosity hair does not lose too much moisture.
How to lock in moisture

Layering products and using heavier butters are ways to lock moisture in and keep it trapped. Look for sealing butters with key ingredients such as castor oil. The higher up on the ingredient list these heavier oils and butters are, the better. Olive oil helps to penetrate the hair shaft, while ingredients like aloe vera and apple cider vinegar help to seal the cuticles of the hair shaft by balancing the pH level of your hair.

If you are unsure of the porosity of your hair, click here to take our porosity quiz.

Top 10 Hair Butters for High Porosity Hair

Here are the top 10 hair butters that naturals with high porosity curls tend to find the most successful.

1. Jane Carter Solution Nourish & Shine

This blend of butters has an amazing citrusy fragrance and does exactly what the name promises: nourishes and enhances shine by providing your hair with nutrients from butters such as shea, kokum and illipe. Nourish & Shine will add a nice luster to your texture without making it feel greasy.

2. Darcy's Botanicals Organic Coconut & Cupuacu Natural Hair Butter Pomade

This pomade will help to smooth the hair shaft and control frizz (a natural consequence of having raised cuticles). It contains ucuuba seed and shea butters and lists castor oil as its top ingredient.

3. Karen's Body Beautiful Butter Love

Shea, cocoa, and mango butters are amongst the many beneficial ingredients in this hair butter. It's a natural hair community fave for many reasons.

4. Naturally Smitten Moisturizing Hair Butter

This butter is especially recommended for high porosity hair types since shea butter is the principal ingredient and in this product, has been combined with castor, coconut and sweet almond oils.

5. OBIA Naturals Twist Whip Butter

Obia Twist Whip Butter is formulated with shea, tucuma and mango butters, to seal the hair and lock moisture in. You hair will be protected after use of this pH balanced butter that also boasts lavender and lemongrass essential oils among its key ingredients.

6. Jamaican Black Castor Oil Loc & Braid Butter

High porosity hair is often particularly prone to breakage, so this butter is formulated to increase hair’s resistance to that. At the same time, it will control frizz and provide moisture and shine to the hair and scalp with shea butter, mango butter, sweet almond oil, and coconut oil.

7. True by Made Beautiful Hydrating Hair Butter

This moisturising butter contains castor oil and honey to seal and add moisture to dry hair. Other beneficial ingredients include coconut oil, shea butter, and mango seed oil, which will nourish and further help to smooth a raised cuticle.

8. Pure Oils Hair Butter

MuruMuru, cupuacu, mango, and shea butters are combined with coconut oil in Pure Oils Hair Butter. Using this rich blend will smooth and tame your frizz while locking in moisture, improving shine and manageability. Since high porosity hair can sometimes lose some of its elasticity, products containing murumuru and cupuacu butters are particularly beneficial, as they help to restore elasticity. This butter also contains coconut oil which is known to help strengthen the hair and boost its resistance to breakage.

9. My DNA Moisturizing Hair Butter

This moisturizing hair butter adds moisture and helps enhance curl definition. This butter adds weight to the hair to help seal moisture in and counteract shrinkage. Monoi de Tahiti (Monoi oil) and shea butter combine to create a unique product that leaves high porosity hair looking and feeling nourished.

10. TGIN Butter Cream Daily Moisturizer

Shea and cocoa butters are united in this product as well as vitamin E for shine, manageability, frizz reduction, and healthy hair growth.

High porosity naturally curlies, do you have a favorite hair butter?

Let us know if we missed one.

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